Conduent’s Healthy Communities Institute Launches COVID-19 At-Risk Populations Website Offering Health Data to Protect Those in Need

Conduent Incorporated announced the launch of its COVID-19 At-Risk Populations, a website to make localized population health data available to organizations on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. The website, available at, is the first of its kind and an extension of Conduent’s Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) community health management platform.

The COVID-19 At-Risk Populations website is a unique resource that provides actionable information to locate those who are currently most at risk of facing unmet social and health needs due to current COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Advanced modeling and data analysis also help organizations protect and save lives by allowing them to identify communities at risk of severe illness during future COVID-19 outbreaks.

Organizations including health departments, emergency operations response teams, hospitals and health systems, state and local elected officials and community-based organizations can access the website to find populations at immediate risk. Users can find data and mapping that uses a variety of information including census data for the following populations at the state, county, and zip code level:

  • Population 65+ who are at higher risk for severe illness from coronavirus

  • People 65+ living below poverty level who may be at greater risk as they have fewer resources to access food and other necessities

  • People 65+ living alone who may lack social networks to assist them in accessing food and other necessities

  • Households participating in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) where children may not have access to free and reduced breakfast and lunch that was available prior to school closures

Users of the website can also view the COVID Vulnerability Index to understand, county by county, the future risk for widespread severe illness due to COVID-19. The index combines clinical factors such as respiratory disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes with social and economic determinants of health such as income, educational attainment and occupation to anticipate risk for COVID-19. For counties that have not yet experienced high numbers of COVID-19 cases, the COVID Vulnerability Index may be used to plan ongoing prevention efforts in order to minimize future deaths and hospitalizations due to the disease.

“As new cases of coronavirus are identified and stay-at-home orders are placed, the risk is increasing that underserved populations are going without basic needs including food and access to health services. We are proud to offer the COVID-19 At-Risk Populations website as a public service to help officials locate and assist those who may be most at risk of going without the most basic needs amid mandatory shelter in place orders happening now. And as we move forward with long-term planning to limit the impact of this disease, we hope to provide communities across the country with insights to help them focus efforts on those populations that are most vulnerable,” said David Williams, General Manager, Healthcare Provider Solutions, Conduent.

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