Top six trends to look out for in 2021 – what can you expect from smart TVs?

Top six trends to look out for in 2021 – what can you expect from smart TVs? 1Television has been with us for quite some time now, and it is hard to imagine a life without it. After all, it is unimaginable to part with a companion that has been with us for a century. From bringing entertainment to the comfort of your home to enabling you to watch real-time developments, TV does everything.

That is to say that what started out as a large rudimentary box with severely limited capabilities has evolved into an essential aspect of modern life. As things stand, the luxury of a high-definition flat-screen with thousands of interesting content is something people would not simply want to pass up.

What is even more interesting is that due to progress in technological advancements, the TV is undergoing massive facelifts, and now we have smart TVs that come close to the capabilities of a smartphone. To that end, here are the top six trends to look out for in 2021.

8K TV 

Sometimes ago, the notion of a TV with 4K resolution may be the trend of the day. But, today, the TV model has already elevated to a more advanced stage, and now we are looking at the scenario of mass production of 8K TVs. Major players in the TV ecosystem are set to usher in 8K TVs and take consumers’ user experience several notches higher.

TV for video calling 

The luxury of a smartphone that allows you to call and even enjoy a visual interaction by a simple video call may have been a new experience. But consumers are in for a more remarkable, newer user experience now that TV for video calling is on the path to becoming the new normal. As things stand, all it takes to turn your entertainment screen into a smartphone-like gadget is some flick and tap, thanks to the advent of smart TVs.

The new generation of smart TVs has allowed such a facility wherein you can transform your TV box into a monitor. While this may seem like an unfamiliar practice, it is set to become a normal consumer experience down the line.

TV as your in-house theatre 

In retrospect, turning a portion of your home space into a theatre microcosm might have sound unrealistic. However, that is no longer an outlandish notion. The new generation of TVs allows you to transform your living room into a state-of-the-art home theatre. That said, considering the notion of good home theatre can prove to be quite worthwhile. In fact, a home theatre is a very logical adventure for theatre lovers – one can enjoy the aura and feel of a theatre without leaving the comfort of one’s home.

AI loT 

This is a revolutionary way to enjoy TV and revolutionize consumers’ experiences. AI loT aims at curating a full-scenario smart living by tapping into artificial intelligence in connecting home appliances. Installed at the center of the in-house entertainment set-up, the modern TV optimizes the user’s audio and visual experience by means of AI picture and AI sound along with hands-free voice access, thereby making possible the ultimate TV utility.

Quantum dot technology 

Several brands are offering Quantum Dot display products for image augmentation to achieve high accuracy of color. The thing with TVs powered by this technology is that they are cost-effective. Furthermore, they are highly efficient and contain none of the technical glitches and limitations associated with OLEDs.

Hands-free Technology 

Now, this is yet another amazing trend to watch out for. In fact, investing in smart TV with this capability/feature is all the more logical for people who are remote-averse and would like to avail of a contactless solution. Hands-free Technology enables you to operate your display screen by means of voice control, thereby giving you the ultimate consumer experience.

So to conclude, these are the trends you cannot afford to miss out on if you are an avid entertainment lover. After all, a living room with a dynamic set-up will result in a lively environment that makes time fly.

Authored by:- Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India

(The views expressed in this article are by – Mr. Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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