TCL P725 redefining Smart 4K TV Segment

TCL has grown widely popular among Indian consumers since it started operations in India a few years back. With the introduction of innovative smart TVs at affordable prices, the brand has made a mark on everybody’s minds and hearts, especially when it comes to the millennial generation that is always seeking new products and experiences.

Delivering on its mission to bring innovation to new-age consumers, the global top-two television brand and leading consumer electronics company has recently launched its latest 4K HDR TV P725, which is India’s first smart TV powered by Android 11 and also comes equipped with an external detachable camera for seamless video calling.

Android 11 is the latest version, which means users, can have access to new apps and features to choose from. And with the video calling camera, they can seamlessly connect with friends, colleagues, and family members, which is indeed a necessity during the WFH culture.

TCL P725 Smart 4K TV Segment

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Here’s a list of top stunning features that this P725 comes packed with:

AiPQ Engine

The device features AiPQ Engine, TCL’s unique chipset built to optimize content in real-time by enhancing the viewing and listening experiences. In short, this unique element upscales non-4K content and enhances its quality in terms of color and contrast. Speaking of audio, it helps eliminate distortions of signal and provides users with a crisp listening experience at home.

Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC)

The TV also comes with MEMC technology which presents content at ultra-smooth frame rates. MEMC adds more frames to a standard lower frame rate video and upscales it to match the screen’s refresh rate, thus making TV viewing more immersive, especially when it comes to watching action-packed scenes or playing action games. So, forget about blurring because, with P725, it is a thing of the past.

Dolby Vision

The device supports Dolby Vision, which is designed to improve users’ viewing experience by constantly optimizing the content delivery process. With this unmatched video technology, users can watch movies and shows with a wider amount of contrast, color, and brightness, thus making the content look more natural throughout the viewing journey. You can call it an advanced version of HDR, which ensures a smooth flow of metadata from the initial content creation process to its arrival on the TV.

Dolby Atmos

This feature creates an auditory atmosphere in the room and fills it with authentic life-like sounds. It is a popular sound format that is now available on most devices, including commercial cinemas as well as home theatres. In simple language, Dolby Atmos ensures accurate mixing of sounds when content is produced so that users can hear it more clearly without any disturbances or noise. For instance, when a movie is made, a lot of sounds are produced and mixed together including dialogues, background music, and much more; Dolby Atmos ensures that the final sound output is as original as it is possible.

Hands-free Voice Control 2.0

This is the latest hands-free voice control feature that the TV sports for faster processing and better control. It enables users to play their favorite shows and movies without using the remote. All they need to do is give direct commands to the TV and it will play whatever you say. This not only makes the overall TV viewing experience convenient for users but also enables them to live a smart life at home.


The TV sports a premium design with slim and stylish exteriors. With an integrated build and innovative rear, the device offers added durability and protection from moisture and dust. The overall look of this TV is very minimalistic and gels well with the room interior. Even when it’s switched off, it looks very enticing, more like a classy showpiece, thus adding more to the inner beauty of your home.

Other features

It also features dual-band Wi-Fi coupled with HDMI 2.1 to process content seamlessly with better refresh rates and transmission speed and capacity. This not only enables users to stream faster and watch content more conveniently but also allows them to play high-quality games without any performance lags through the Game Center feature. Apart from this, the TV also ensures effortless screen mirroring from a smartphone with the brand’s inhouse feature, MagiConnect while providing users with a large pool of content including leading OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and Zee5, among others.

The product is available on Amazon.

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