Less Is More: How LG Is Defining a New Era Of Minimalist Design

After World War II ended, the world started moving towards an aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism. The basic concept was to move away from complex and grand ideas in order to prove that simplicity had more functionality. German architect Van Der Rohe came up with the line ‘Less is more’ to define this era. Soon after, we started seeing an influence in various sectors of design, especially in technology. In today’s AI-driven world, minimalism has become very popular and is considered an essential factor on how modern style is defined. Indian consumer trends have recently also been reported to be peaking towards de-cluttering with consumers preferring simplistic multi-tasking products.

This shift towards minimalism in design, in India and abroad, can be best seen through the evolution of television in recent years. Earlier, televisions were designed with large boxsets, occupying large spaces in the living room. Cue to 2020, we find designs which redefine the spatial relationship of a TV screen with its surroundings. In fact, LG’s new Signature OLED TV R, announced at CES 2020, exists as a panel which can completely disappear from view, if not in use. The razor-thin flexible displays of the TV, which won two awards for innovation and design at CES have superior image quality along with a rollable display. LG’s OLED series has 4K resolution delivering on high-quality visuals while maintaining the groundbreaking paper-thin design for the screen. In fact, LG TVs are known to be the thinnest TVs in the market!

The emphasis on simple colors in design choices also promote functionality and a sense of calm. LG OLED TVs series use steel colors to enhance the ‘Less is more’ aesthetic, using an aluminum base to create an elegant piece of technology that can be a subtle centerpiece of any room. All these features come to the fore-front due to the simplicity in its design. The television has a stylish aluminum base, which is known to help the TV disappear into the background when not in use. The essence of the television is to not occupy any space except for its purpose i.e is to provide an enhanced display.

Designers in the past have often mistakenly regarded minimalism as an aesthetic choice. However, the ultimate goals of minimalism are efficiency and economy with the focus on multi-utility functions freeing up space rather than any occupying it with superficial features. Another LG offering that helps you achieve this by reducing your life’s complexities is the LG G8X ThinQ with the innovative Dual Screen. This Smartphone is a multitasking force utilizing two screens to offer more productivity, such as writing emails on one display while turning one screen into a gamepad for easier, better gaming.

Henceforth, in a world where we are over-exposed to chaos and constant change, we are naturally attracted to de-cluttering in the sanctity of our homes to lead a frill-free and grounded life. Simplicity and minimalism are also essential in order to create a sophisticated outlook, while creating functional solutions to our household problems. LG’s various offerings are the ideal combination of innovation and minimalist design, helping to provide maximum utility while maintaining a sleek and stylish outlook.

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