LeEco is organizing its first flash sale for TVs on August 26 with some impressive offers

LeEco has witnessed an enthusiastic user response for its SuperTVs and the company is organizing its first flash sale for TVs on August 26 with some impressive offers.

Undeniably, buying a TV can be a complicated process because users need to consider various key factors such as price, features and design. To simplify this, we have done a head-on comparison of LeEco Super TVs with smart TVs by Samsung.


Display and hardware: In the 55 to 65-inch TV category, both LeEco and Samsung offer internet-enabled TVs that offer 4K display and pack in a quad-core processor. However, LeEco SuperTVs have an edge over Samsung as they come with A+ grade IPS panel and equipped with as many as 14 core display technologies. The screens offer a 178° wide viewing angle, suitable for viewing by all family members together and offers a wide colour gamut of up to 85% NTSC that makes the colors more vivid and clear. Also, the 55-inch LeEco has 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM while Samsung has 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM.

Warranty: Samsung offer only a year of warranty while LeEco doubles the industry standard by providing Super3 Series a 2-year product warranty. In addition to this, the company is offering a full 4 years of warranty on the panel. LeEco also has a large after-sales service network in India with over 333 outlets that are located at convenient locations.

Design: LeEco Super3 Series follow the Northern European style of simple integrated design concept that gives them an impressive look. The use sophisticated monochromatic anodized wire drawing metalworking process makes the product exude class and quality. The Super TV’s top-notch industrial design is backed by materials that are free from lead and chromium making the TV fully eco-friendly. Specifically, The Super3 X65 throws in a distinctive twist with its unique wave-shaped aluminium alloy base that is destined to draw attention, while remaining sturdy and secure.

Price: What differentiates the LeEco Super TVs from that of Samsung is that the former has managed to redefine the concept of being “upmarket and classy”. LeEco’s Super TVs offer all the cost just a third (refer to the table below) of what other TV brands cost in India. The entry of Super TVs in India has smashed the perception of few brands and TV channels being considered premium. While LeEco Super3 X55 comes at a price of Rs 59,790, Samsung’s UA55JU6470U model of 55” costs Rs 1,78,900. Similarly, the Super3 X65 comes at a price of Rs 99,790, while Samsung’s 65” model (UA65JU6470U) costs Rs 3,14,900. Even the 3D model of LeEco’s 65” Super TV (Super 3 Max65) costs Rs 1,49,790, just about half the cost of Samsung’s 65” model.

Content Membership: This is the first time in India that any company is offering content-enabled TVs. LeEco Super TVs comes bundled with LeEco’s Supertainment membership program for 2 years that would cost Rs 9,800. This membership enables users to enjoy the content that they want at the time of their choices. Through this membership, users get access to one of the largest content libraries in India that offers over 2000 Full HD/HD films from Hollywood and Bollywood, more than 100 satellite TV channels, 3.5 million songs (coming soon by software upgrade), and more than 50 live concerts.

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