Unicommerce Launches Its New Version of Return Management Solution Empowering Companies to Reduce Returns & Improve Productivity

Unicommerce has unveiled a revamped and future-ready ‘Returns Management solution’. The new upgraded version helps businesses across two key dimensions – First to alert e-tailers about orders with high return potential and measures to minimize returns, and the second lever is to ensure a smooth return process, with clearer visibility of stock movement and faster inventory turnaround.

E-commerce returns have been the biggest pain point for e-tailers and it constitutes a major part of operations cost. It is often observed that many e-tailers cannot expand their online business selling due to high return volume directly impacting companies’ bottom line. Unicommerce has developed this solution after rigorous research and understanding the pain points of e-tailers with continuous feedback.

Unicommerce’s Return management solution offers brands access to tools and data to ensure reduced returns. The solution also enables brands to gain critical learnings with return reports that offer a detailed analysis of the major reasons for returns and get a clearer picture of consumer buying behavior. We have designed a sector-agnostic solution, with multiple features to ensure a simplified return process.

Unicommerce Return management solution can help brands in the following aspects:

  • Identify and Avoid potential Returns: Unicommerce Return management solution empowers e-commerce sellers to identify potential return orders and alert them even before the dispatch. The solution allows e-commerce sellers to set up an elaborate and detailed outbound Quality Check (QC) process during order processing workflow and allow sellers to only ship products that pass the QC. It helps in ensuring better customer satisfaction and reduced returns. The solution also enables companies to customize order verification workflow and alert sellers about unserviceable pin codes and non-deliverable addresses. This helps sellers to avoid processing such orders before complete verification and helps them save the logistics cost.
  • 100% Trackable Inventory: The solution enables e-commerce sellers to easily track each returned item and segregate them based on the multiple quality check parameter. The solution enables 100% traceability of inventory by grading returned items into multiple rejected & saleable buckets. The product that passes the QC process is automatically added back to the inventory pool and the inventory is listed back in real-time across the sales channels. On the other hand, the rejected bucket can be analyzed to avoid warehousing/quality issues and minimize future returns.
  • Smart Shipping Provider Allocation: Return Shipping is a much more complicated process than forward shipping due to multiple industry-specific reasons such as packing of fragile materials, doorstep QC for apparel and air-packing of mattresses amongst others. The solution enables e-commerce sellers to set their own rules and parameters basis which order delivery and return pickup can be automatically allocated to the desired shipping provider. The solution allow sellers to choose the best-fit return shipping provider, automating the allocation of shipping provider based on various parameters such as channel, serviceability, SKU Category (fragile nature, hazardous goods, etc.), product price range, and various other factors.
  • Multi-Warehouse and Omnichannel Returns: The solution empowers easy return and product movement for large e-tailers with multiple warehouses and stores. Generally, brand stores are not well equipped to handle multi-step Return Processing capabilities like QC, Grading, barcoding, and refurbishing. Unicommerce solutions allow e-tailers to set rules, where the product returns are automatically allocated to the best-fit warehouse based on geography & Sales channel.
  • Enabling Smooth Order Replacement: There are increasing use cases, where consumers want to exchange the product instead of returning it. This has led to logistic companies set-up a seamless replacement process to reduce the return operating cost and help e-commerce sellers to enhance the customer experience. The Unicommerce system enables the sellers with AI-driven technology that automatically assign shipment to the logistic partner basis the exchange serviceability, allowing the company to execute return pick-up and deliver replacement orders simultaneously. The increasing number of e-commerce sellers are now investing in the “simultaneous exchange” system to ensure that customers can return the original product and receive the exchanged product at the same time.
  • Bulk Return processing for B2B and offline orders: To ensure that the Unicommerce solution also serves B2B enterprises, we have designed our solution to ensure that bulk orders can be processed in a simplified manner with a couple of clicks. This helps companies process large return shipments in time-efficient manners. It’s often used by FMCG and personal care brands.

Speaking on the launch Mr. Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce said, “We are India’s largest e-commerce focused SaaS-based supply chain solution provider, and technological innovation is in the DNA of Unicommerce. We keep introducing new solutions and continuously upgrade our current product basis the changing e-commerce environment of the country. The Unicommerce returns management solution has been smartly designed keeping every aspect of returns management in mind to provide customers with the solution that helps them reduce returns and improve business efficacy. Our solution is easily adaptable to the unique business needs of every customer. We are trusted by our customers to be the pioneers in innovation and the continuous product investment helps us stay at the forefront of the industry.”

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