Stratus Expands Availability of Edge Computing Platforms in India

Stratus Technologies announced Stratus ztC Edge’s availability in India, Stratus ztC Edge joins Stratus ftServer as Edge Computing platforms available in India.

Across industries, organizations face the need to transform legacy architectures, capture and secure data, and continuously run applications at the operational edge. Robust Edge Computing platforms solve the inherent challenges of bandwidth, latency, and security at edge locations to enable IIoT devices and data acquisition. Through continual collaboration with partners and Independent Solutions Vendors, our users can further benefit from Stratus’ valuable Edge Computing platforms, services, and consulting, to achieve peak performance of business-critical applications and operations.

Lin Hoe Foong, Managing Director of Stratus, said, “ztC Edge expands the ability for SIs and end users to scale deployment of business-critical software in edge environments. The platform’s built-in virtualization makes applications portable, while also providing greater availability, resilience and data protection than other platforms in the market. Through strategic collaboration with our partners, we deliver teams across industries the best-in-class Edge Computing platforms that increase productivity, reduce downtime, streamline workloads, and drive cost savings to jumpstart our customers’ digitalization journey.”

Imtiaz Javeed, Product Manager and Technology Lead, Rockwell Automation India, said, “With the acceleration of industrial automation, organizations are under constant pressure to improve operations and ensure applications at the Edge work in unison with their enterprise systems in the datacentre or cloud to optimize business performance. The PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box, which will now be available in India, provides impressive balance of performance, cost, and easy implementation that is well suited for an array of industries. We are certain that our partnership with Stratus will provide our customers the right tools to help them win in the Edge Computing space.”

“Stratus Edge Computing platforms deliver operational advantages at the edge to customers in the Defense industry who require continuous monitoring and real-time analytic capabilities, while eliminating potential downtime, financial and reputational risk,” said K.Muralidhar Reddy, Managing Director, Apoorva IT Solutions Private Limited. “Being in the integration business for over two decades, we help customers in all aspects of integration, strategy, implementation, management and support. With Stratus’ smart, secure and turnkey solutions, customers can now overcome challenges around remote operation, OT and IT convergence, and automation. Through our collaboration, we are confident in providing the best-fit solutions and we look forward to making the journey towards digital transformation seamless for our customers.”

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