SMEs can easily reach out to customers with MyOperator’s Call Tracking Service

MyOperator’s-Call-Tracking-ServiceNew Delhi, India, January 27, 2014: Through their latest call tracking feature, MyOperator, VoiceTree Technologies’ advanced cloud-based EPABX system for SMEs, has made reaching out to potential customers easier for small and micro businesses. This smart feature helps you track and manage your customer and clients as well as enhance your business traffic from its direct source because you can easily see where all your calls are coming from.

MyOperator’s Call Tracking service helps you to track your online sources like your company website, emails and ads; offline sources like billboards, posters, TV commercials or radio transmissions or even through word of mouth. Call Tracking helps you to track all your traffic right down to its primary source.

Founder of VoiceTree Technologies Ankit Jain said, “Up to 70% of new business is said to come from an existing customer base and MyOperator’s call tracking lets you optimise your resources and explore potential clients through its unique features.”

Call Tracking allows your team to serve a larger number of customers at a given point. Due to its distributed design, it gives you higher uptime. You can analyse the call traffic based upon its source and distribute it accordingly among your company’s relevant team members, thus, making your team more effective and each of your campaigns more impactful than ever. With add-ons like call transfer and SMS notifications facilities, you can use the MyOperator Call Tracking service to your maximum benefit.

You can assign a separate tracking number for different business campaigns, route the calls to the specific team in real time, compare the results of different campaigns and measure ROIs – all through the smart feature of MyOperator’s Call Tracking facility.

Smart call tracking of MyOperatorlets you do a lot more for your business in an easy and efficient manner. Now, you can develop a systematic customer database with all the relevant information like the caller details, date, time & type of call. Furthermore, it will help you understand your clients’ and customers’ purchase behavior and how it changes over time. This will give you more insight and a better grasp on your business.

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