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RSA-LogoNew Delhi, India, September 26, 2014: Recently, RSA, the Security Division of EMC announced enhancements to the RSA SecurWorld reseller program providing an ongoing framework to facilitate profitable relationships among its channel partner ecosystem. The changes to the new program are intended to make it easier than ever before for resellers to learn about, and sell RSA’s portfolio of leading-edge technology by increasing the depth of enablement, tools, and support available.

A key component of these enhancements is the revamped RSA SecurWorld Academy training program, which now leverages online sales and presales curriculums and encompasses solution whiteboards, product demonstrations, and role plays. In addition to being equipped with these training resources, channel partners have access to a range of revenue opportunities ranging from product sales, recurring revenue from maintenance, professional services, training and customer support. This is in addition to multiple financial incentives that RSA SecurWorld partners enjoy based on achieved tier status.

RSA SecurWorld 2014 program includes the following updates:

Fast Track to Success

  • RSA is moving from a five-tier model to a four-tier model. In addition, the names of the partner tiers within RSA SecurWorld program have been changed to Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Authorized, in alignment with channel partner programs at RSA parent company EMC.
  • New RSA SecurWorld partners will enter at the Authorized Tier to make it easier for resellers to comply with upper tier requirements, while ultimately fostering a greater percentage of positive movement within the program. 

Extensive Enablement & Support

  • The new RSA SecurWorld Academy 2014 program offers four product “tracks” for partners – Advanced Security Operations (ASOC), Identity & Access Management (IAM), Fraud & Risk Intelligence (FRI) and Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) – to allow specialization in the solution area that best aligns to their business strategy.
  • All online content is based on a new solution-centric and role-based framework and includes whiteboard presentation videos and product demonstrations delivered directly by RSA’s own sales and presales representatives. All online content is available in multiple languages and provided at no additional cost.
  • Channel partners who complete all online training are also eligible to participate in a new in-person workshop in which they are guided in presenting the solution with an experienced RSA field representative. 

Financial Flexibility

  • Channel partners at all tiers have access to the RSA Deal Registration Program, which offers additional discounts registered deals, as well as up-front discounts for deals that are deemed incremental (channel partner-discovered).
  • For resellers, performance-based rebates have been adjusted such that channel partners are now solely compensated on closed, incremental deal registrations.
  • Gold and Platinum partners have access to Co-op, or  marketing funds, as well as eligibility to participate in the Authorized Services Network Program to deliver implementation services on products for which they have been certified. 

Navin Sadhwani, RSA Head of Channel and Commercial Business, India & SAARC, said, “RSA aims to foster partner relationships that are lasting and mutually beneficial. The newly enhanced program is intended to bring even more value to our channel partners. Newly tier model provides the ability to help our partners elevate their tier status, and gain greater benefits. Additionally, comprehensive training through RSA SecurWorld Academy and the broad scope of resources now offered helps our channel partners gain a thorough understanding of the value of RSA’s solutions is and equip them for continued success.” 

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