QuEST Global signs an agreement with Alstom to deliver Engineering Solutions

Alstom has signed a partnering deal with QuEST Global, the global product engineering services company, to deliver next-gen engineering globally for the rail industry. As part of this multi-year agreement, a dedicated team from QuEST will be delivering engineering support to Alstom across their rolling stock, signaling, and services business.

QuEST will provide its services across Alstom’s product and project development lifecycle. With focused engineering services and solutions, the organization will help Alstom fulfill their healthy order position by improving the velocity of project execution. QuEST will also assist Alstom in developing next-generation trains and rail signaling systems. This capability-led partnership will allow Alstom to enhance their global outreach by increasing their best cost country footprint.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajit Prabhu, Chairman and CEO at QuEST Global, said, “The association is a testament to QuEST’s commitment in delivering integrated engineering solutions that adds value to our customer’s portfolio. We are delighted to have signed an agreement with Alstom to deliver support for their global engineering needs.”

QuEST has been Alstom’s partner for 5 years; this new endeavor will further strengthen the partnership between the two organizations by leveraging QuEST’s engineering expertise. Through this association, Alstom will have access to top engineering talent that will help them address their global needs.

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