Lapcare Protection Plan receives claim rate is less than 1% of the overall sales in India

Lapcare-Protection-PlanNew Delhi, India, June 03, 2014: LAPCARE, developers of laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium laptop brands, have received LPP (Lapcare Protection Plan) claims which is approx  just 1% of overall sales in a month has assured the quality standards of battery adaptor and car power inverter across India.

Lapcare Protection Plan assures the extended support given to the customers using using Lapcare battery, adaptor and car power inverter, in which their Laptop are covered against any malfunction or damage caused by use of these products apart from getting additional one month warranty on registration of product on website of Facebook Page.

Lapcare protection plan was introduced about 6 months back and Lapcare is pleased to share the detail that they have just received maximum 5-7 claims till now which were settled in a span of 10 days and customers were happy and satisfied by the service and the time frame. We have been receiving compliments from clients that they are satisfied and will recommend Lapcare products to people around.

Lapcare’s customer centric approach provides the best after-sales policy to consumers like product replacement, Toll free number, website open forum discussion and Facebook page which is managed by dedicated people to answer any customer query and resolve it as soon as possible.

About LPP

Lapcare Protection Plan (LPP) covers the damage of equipment that is malfunctioned by use of Lapcare battery, adaptor and car power invertor.

Benefits of LPP

  • Customers get claim amount up to 10 thousands
  • Easy Claim Process – Can be raised by sending request through website.
  • Lapcare will indemnify the cost of repair and replacement

COO at LAPCARE India Sandeep Popli said, “We are happy to say that Lapcare protection plan has added vibrancy to after sales service for our customers. No business can survive without customers and it is very essential to gain the trust and retain the customers for long term. Lapcare being customer centric brand and our priority is to give them best. Customers are very happy with Lapcare after sales services and we expect LPP will continue to enhance the percentage of customer satisfaction further”.

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