Kaspersky Lab South Asia, set’s roadmap for 2016 with its South Asia Distributors

Kaspersky Lab India held a 2-day meet with its South Asia distributors covering the regions of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives. The meet was held on March 18-19, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, the conference had Kaspersky Lab South Asia’s leading distributors – VR Infotech, Comguard, SEA Infonet, eCaps, OfficeXtracts &  Avian in attendance.

The meet began with a review of the year 2015. This was followed by setting a business roadmap for the 2016. Kaspersky Lab discussed their business vertical projections in detail in their one-on-one sessions with their distributors. Kaspersky Lab South Asia team discussed the past year’s performance, set target for the coming financial year and reviewed the technical and marketing support it needs to lend to the distributors.

The dynamic industry’s fast changing factors were deliberated upon in great detail. Kaspersky Lab encouraged its distributors to freely discuss the challenges they faced, based on which solutions were worked out. Kaspersky presented to its distributors all the new product offerings that are slated to be launched in the coming financial year, sharing vital information and key feature presentation with its distributors. Endpoint and Security Intelligence Services were at the centre of a wide dialogue. The distributors were apprised with every bit of information that they needed to know on sales, marketing, and technical.

Altaf Halde, Managing Director – South Asia, Kaspersky Lab said, “Our distributors are a very important part of our eco system. The SA Distributor meet gave us a clarity on how we can work together to achieve the goals set for 2016. We also took this opportunity to present our non-endpoint solutions i.e Security for Virtualization, Security for Storage and Threat Intelligence Services. Now that we have our goals set and the path charted out, we all go back with renewed energy and focus!”

Ajay Joshi, Director Channel Sales – South Asia, Kaspersky Lab said “The SA Distributor meet gives us a strong platform to review the past & plan for the current year. This also gives our team an opportunity to meet with our distributors and share their feedback and plan the year”.

The meet concluded on March 19 with a day packed with detailed one-on-one meetings with all the distributors. Kaspersky Lab South Asia is optimistic that this annual dialogue has helped it to bring clarity and depth to their roadmap for the coming year.

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