Jupiter Meta Rebrands Itself As A Metaverse And Web3 Advisory

Jupiter Meta announced their rebranding to a Metaverse and Web3.0 advisory today. The Metaverse-as-a-service (MaaS) startup is actively helping businesses transition into the digital reality segment by building a Web3.0 economy.

With the economy moving towards adoption of the metaverse faster than imagined, strategizing for a brand’s meta-journey holds the key to development – especially considering the impact of technology, costs and expectations that currently exist in the space.

Jupiter Meta’s solution is engineered to infuse gamification and tokenomics into extended reality architecture rather than a pure-play offering. Additionally, they bring all elements of Web3.0 and metaverse into a single framework that helps businesses streamline their strategy and monetize efficiently.

With the constant evolution in the use of AR, VR, and MR tools, this nascent space is shifting gears rapidly, and Jupiter Meta believes in a truly problem-solving ecosystem where the convergence of these technologies, integrated into business strategy, will play a critical role in adoption.

Furthermore, Jupiter Meta has also created token-based solutions that will not just redefine how content is consumed around the world, but also change the dynamics of monetization for content creators and journalists at a grassroot level. Their design architecture leverages blockchain tech and plugs in IoT and AI tools to deliver a futuristic and customizable product experiences.

Manasa Rajan, CEO, Jupiter Meta, said, “Metaverse architecture is the perfect platform to solve real societal issues that remain a stigma. That’s why our strategy is to build solutions across functions and industries that focus on high-impact results.”

“We have strived to stay ahead of the curve, simply by gaining insights into user pain points across verticals, and solutioning for them with compelling immersive experiences that are engaging and entertaining. And this new logo is a representation of our evolution as an organization. The ‘sphere’ as we like to call it, encapsulates society’s journey towards a new universe of immersion and engagement.” she added.

The company has seen much growth over the last quarter, as their HR-focused solutions, ranging from virtual employee onboarding and development training to incognito redressal meta-rooms, have all been aligned towards helping companies achieve better internal results at leaner costs, higher learning impact, and reduced attrition.

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