GajShield Infotech launches online Sales Certification Program for its business partners

GajShield Infotech has launched a Sales Certification Program for its business partners, which is being conducted under the aegis of GajShield Online Academy for Learning Security (GOALS). The business skills and sales techniques imparted through the virtual training format greatly enhance their ability to win business, accelerate the sales cycle and drive customer satisfaction.

The driving factor behind this initiative is GajShield’s aim to contribute as much as possible to its business partner community and help people across the globe safeguard against the latest cyber threats. In an era where online training has gained tremendous significance, the GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program demonstrates how technology can be smartly leveraged to facilitate the training process effectively and comprehensively.

Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech, a leading expert in the cybersecurity space, says, “GOALS is an initiative to present an accessible self-learning platform to make our business partners conversant with GajShield’s products and solution offerings, technical capabilities, modules offered in the cybersecurity space and more. It focuses on empowering our business partner community and young cybersecurity enthusiasts in the academia space, enabling them to get certified from a credible source. While we currently offer the GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program, there is also a complete technical training program in the pipeline, which is set to be launched in October 2020.”

“The GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program has been specifically designed for improving their knowledge about the brand and its products as well as helping them gain a deeper understanding of the sales aspect in just one day. They are provided in-depth insights into the four GajShield security modules – Data Leak Prevention, Enterprise Cloud, Next-Generation Firewall and GajShield Email Security – as well as how they can bring value to a customer. We have devised an ideal approach to accomplish the objective of partner certification given the current scenario where social distancing and other precautions need to be followed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he adds.

Partner Account Managers and Sales Engineers are conferred the GajShield Sales Expert designation on passing the GajShield Sales Expert exam.

The GajShield Sales Essential Certification Program provides a thorough analysis of it’s business environment along with USPs of its products and solutions. The GajShield – Beyond Next-Generation Firewall & More module within the program traces GajShield’s journey, its achievements, solution offerings, appliance range, subscription models, deployment modes and support provided.

The GajShield Data Leak Prevention solution identifies, monitors and protects the data in motion on a network. Through deep content inspection and contextual security analysis of transactions, DLP systems act as enforcers of data security policies. They provide a centralized management framework designed to detect and prevent the unauthorized use and transmission of confidential information.

GajShield’s Enterprise Cloud Solution ensures that all users, roaming or otherwise, are secured when they access enterprise data and applications through the cloud. Even if they use public Wi-Fi networks, the cloud security solution scans every packet of data being transmitted by users with its Deep packet Inspection (DPI) capability combined with Contextual Intelligence Engine to create context of all the traffic.

GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliances go way beyond current UTM firewall technologies, by using industry’s most powerful context-based deep packet inspection engine to classify application traffic and provide visibility to common SaaS application. GajShield’s Application filter provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of all network application traffic.

GajShield Email Security enables enterprise users to communicate securely and protects them from latest email-borne threat vectors like ransomware, advance malware, spam, phishing and data leak using its unique Contextual Intelligence engine with a multi-layered approach to security.

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