FarEye Achieves AWS Supply Chain Competency

FarEye announced that it is one of the first companies to achieve the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Supply Chain Competency in the Software Offering: Move category. This designation recognizes FarEye for helping customers solve their critical supply chain challenges.

Achieving the AWS Supply Chain Competency differentiates FarEye as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with validated expertise and proven customer success delivering supply chain solutions for companies to enhance their responsiveness, strengthen their resilience to disruptions, and become more responsible to the environment and global community.

Manish Govil, Global Segment Leader, Supply Chain, Amazon Web Services (AWS), said, “Visibility and engagement during delivery is a key contributor to customer satisfaction. AWS provides the broadest set of capabilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning that companies like FarEye can leverage to deliver innovative supply chain solutions to customers. The AWS Supply Chain Competency makes it easier for our customers to discover differentiated APN supply chain partners.”

FarEye’s platform simplifies complex last mile delivery logistics, ensuring on-time accurate deliveries, increasing consumer loyalty and satisfaction, while reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies. With end-to-end visibility throughout the delivery journey, the FarEye platform leverages millions of data points to predict the shipment journey and improve the delivery experience. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning also allows companies to intelligently adjust and redirect routes based on disruptions such as traffic, weather, or road closures, ensuring accurate, on-time last-mile deliveries.

“Delivery can no longer be an afterthought but is a core business advantage and the key to consumer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Sanjeev Suri, Senior Vice President – Global Omnichannel Logistics & Customer Services, Amway India. “We have been working with FarEye to improve visibility throughout the order-to-delivery process and monitor our 3PLs and last mile partners’ performance to ensure timely deliveries.”

Suryansh Jalan, President, FarEye, said, “Last mile has become the most critical, complicated aspect of the delivery journey, and the most expensive leg of shipping costs. Getting it right is paramount for companies given the rise in e-commerce spending and influx in deliveries. We are proud to achieve the AWS Supply Chain Competency as an AWS Partner and look forward to helping our joint customers deliver a superior consumer experience with every delivery, driving their competitive edge and increasing end consumer brand loyalty.”

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