Ericsson’s technology showcase at India Mobile Congress 2018

5G connected drones

Drones have been used in a variety of new and exciting ways around the world. It can be deployed for mission critical applications such as Disaster management, Surveillance and other consumer applications. The demo showcases continuous streaming and precise controlling of the drones over 5G networks that guarantee high throughput and low latency.

By running scenarios on a city model, we showcase Centralized and Decentralized Radio Architecture, Core and RAN Virtualization, Network Slicing, 5G deployment scenarios, Transport Evolution, among other technological deployments on the road to 5G.

Robotic arm

5G has paved the way for mass-market automation. The impact of robots and robotics has been greatest in the manufacturing industry, particularly on assembly lines and in hazardous environments. Robots are beginning to appear in all industries and are being used to carry out a wide variety of tasks.

3D augmented reality (AR) collaboration

3D AR provides an interactive experience of a real-world environment which can be an enabler to applications such as remote assistance/collaboration and immersive retail experience. This demo is done in collaboration with Meta (a US company specializing in immersive AR experience).

Move ahead with Ericsson Radio System (ERS)

ERS is an innovative, modular system that enables operators to address growth opportunities and transform their radio networks by leveraging a multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer architecture (3xMulti), industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption. ERS supports all technologies – 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G on the existing deployed Base Stations.

End-to-end 5G Transport

It showcases Ericsson end to end 5G Transport portfolio, from Ericsson MINI-LINK microwave, Ericsson Fronthaul, and Ericsson Router 6000. The demo also captures our partnership with Juniper, and ECI.

Connected transport

Connected Urban Transport – Addresses transport challenges in the city. Enables city agencies to interwork within the municipality and between municipalities—securely.

Fleet Management – Ericsson Connected Fleet (ECF) manages fleets that are large and global; connected and automated; integrated and intelligent. ECF is focused on OEMs, rentals companies, large enterprises, and governments, who sell or own a fleet of commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks.

Connectivity management

It puts service providers in the driver’s seat by helping them manage connectivity over the device life cycle and provides access to actionable information in real time regarding status, events and health of the SIM cards.

Connected Technician

An app-based solution, it empowers field technicians to configure and integrate sites easily from their mobile phones. It helps in identifying technical issues at the time of new installation as well as during maintenance. The solution helps identify the issue, provides the root cause and suggests actions to resolve it.

Connected project management

An end-to-end project tracking and monitoring service for complex and big projects, it provides status of all the ongoing field activities on a single dashboard view. Developed by Ericsson, this solution captures field information in real time with the help of mobile apps and updates on the cloud-based dashboard. The key benefits delivered by this solution include smaller time to market, first time ‘right’ services and better inventory management.

Automation & AI – intelligent operations

Telecom operators are facing multi-dimensional challenges in their operations with a surge in data traffic levels. Witness the next generation of Managed Services capabilities exemplified in the areas of Customer Experience; Analytics, AI & Automation and future operations.

Managed security

Ericsson managed security is designed to provide our customers with continuous monitoring and response to threats and vulnerabilities that can occur in their network. It helps enhance compliance and resilience.

Ericsson Expert Analytics

Data driven analysis in real-time enables networks to automate its operations, drive superior customer experience and explore new business opportunities. Ericsson Expert Analytics is telecom-ready data analytics solution and creates insights based on unique network correlations across different domains. Leveraging Ericsson’s domain expertise coupled with machine learning, it provides the capabilities to unlock 5G.

Network exposure for Massive IoT

With new IoT devices entering the market, telecom operators need an ecosystem that can provide efficient device and application communication with a reduced network investment. In the demo we will talk about how Ericsson can help operators in achieving this by demonstrating use cases around how one can leverage and monetize this ecosystem.

Automation & Orchestration

Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration enables network slicing design process, orchestration of designed slices into the network and eventually assists in monitoring of the network slices.

Enterprise Service Orchestration showcases onboarding, validation and verification for multivendor Virtual Network Function (VNF) environment. It also demonstrates how to build service design based on validated VNF artifacts, onboard and instantiate network service for enterprise customers.

Cloud native

Demo will showcase new telco applications paradigm and the associated ecosystem to bring in Network efficiencies and Easy of deployment. Ericsson`s Cloud Native application on Container NFVi (network functions virtualization infrastructure):

  • VNF (Virtual Network Function) VNF deployed as microservices in containers, VNF Scaling in & out etc.
  • Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) based on Kubernetes (K8s)

NFV here and now

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is the building block of futuristic networks and 5G. It is crucial to enable efficiencies and agility to support new business.

The demo showcases Ericsson’s complete stack including Virtual Infrastructure Manager, Virtual Network Function, and Management & Orchestration, ready for delivery for 4G and 5G platform. It enables shorter time-to-market for new services and higher efficiency with short upgrade cycles. Using e2e Ericsson NW Management & Orchestration, Network deployment flexibility, agility and automation of NFV is making it real for operator now.

MediaKind Orion – consumer experience

Orion provides a modern, multi-device, multi-screen platform for immersive TV service delivery. Backed by powerful analytics, user interface customization and dynamic ad-insertion features, Orion is the most comprehensive consumer experience solution for Live and OTT service.

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