CleverTap integrates with Shopify to use real-time Shopify data

CleverTap announced its integration with Shopify. CleverTap customers will be able to use real-time Shopify data to create segments and personalize campaigns when building any web campaign in the CleverTap platform.

The Shopify plug-in allows customers to send campaigns from a Shopify-powered website, including web push notifications, web pop-ups, and exit intents. Accounts integrated with Shopify now have the ability to send web push notifications through CleverTap without any manual integration, allowing for even more personalization for customers to segment based on past behavior or personalize with event properties.

Dave Dabbah, CMO of CleverTap, said, “This integration takes real-time campaign customization to the next level. With Shopify’s industry expertise and core functionalities, on top of CleverTap’s own best-of-breed platform, we’ll be able to drive increased sales and retention for our customers with data-driven communications.”

The integration will further empower brands to seamlessly create campaigns without any coding or backend integrations. With access to more than 15 events (or core actions supported by Shopify) and 50 event properties (or attributes of a particular event), customers will be able to achieve maximum campaign personalization.

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