Avaya Japan Partners with LINE on Contact Center Solution

Avaya Japan Ltd. today announced that it has partnered with LINE Corporation on Avaya’s contact center solution that will integrate with LINE’s corporate customer service support service “LINE Customer Connect”. Businesses that operate a contact center will be able to add the LINE chat capability as a channel for customer inquiries and to centrally manage communications.Line is the most popular messaging app in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Line has about 218 million monthly active users

With the wide penetration of smartphones, mobile devices, web, and the Internet in recent years, inquiries from customers to businesses use multiple channels including email, chat, and website interaction, as well as voice. While businesses pursue an omnichannel contact center strategy that provides a seamless experience regardless of the channels used, from a system perspective the reality is that real-time coordination is difficult because customer histories and agents are still typically separated by channel.

Hideki Wachi, Country Managing Director, Avaya Japan, said, “We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with LINE, which boasts overwhelming superiority in the communication app arena. I want this partnership to be the first step as Avaya moves forward in facilitating the coordination between various channels and Avayas contact center system. From the perspective of both increased customer satisfaction and contact center operational efficiency, we will continue to offer a contact center solution with true omnichannel support.”

To address this issue, Avaya Japan supports centralized management of the LINE app within its contact center solution. The two major features are described below:

        Integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System with LINE AppWhen the IVR system responds to an incoming customer call via public telephone network to the contact center, it can inform the customer that support via the LINE app is available as one of the options. If the customer selects this option, a message is sent via the LINE app to the customers smartphone. After the customer approves the company as a friend, a chat can be started in the same way as a normal LINE chat.

        Real-Time Coordination between the LINE App with Avayas Contact Center System The integration readily provides a complete customer history to live agents, including any chat-facilitated interactions, eliminating the time and effort needed to pull up histories and coordinate with agents that handled the chat session. Under this new integration with “LINE Customer Connect”, chat interactions in LINE can be instantly accessed on an Avaya contact center system. Avaya offers the ultimate customer experience through prompt response to customers and seamless integration.

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