Arrow PC with Dell’s Cloud Data Protection Solution Empowers Enterprises’ Work From Home Strategy

Digital transformation, migration from local servers to cloud, remote working facilities via public cloud all of these have become the new normal in terms of technological adaptations post Covid-19 pandemic. With the initial restrictions on any type of movements, followed by the continuation of Work from Home (WFH) / Work from Anywhere (WFA) facility by most of the organizations, Cloud services saw an increase in demand. Recently, a report was published which said that the cloud security market is projected to account for $20.9Bn from 2020 to 2027 and is expected to grow 14.6 percent CAGR. This report is certainly mirroring the current investments of many enterprises into the cloud security products and solutions. One of the main reasons for organizations to move to public cloud is security due to the increased cyberattacks. As cloud service providers provide robust security when compared to in house security and with reduced need of in house investment on security, servers, etc many organizations are opting for this feasible choice. Dell’s Cloud data protection is integrated with VMware and delivers consistent security across VMs, cloud-native containers and hardware stacks. As enterprises deploy modern applications, this integration ensures flexible and dependable data protection, which includes cloud backup and recovery, monitoring, analysis and search capabilities.

Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network (Dell Technologies – Titanium Partner), said, “As public cloud adoption is growing rapidly due to WFH/WFA culture, many organizations are finding it difficult to make the right choice as deployment on multiple clouds is leading to increased complexity and tool proliferation. This complexity is directly proportionate to the security lapses that occur, leading to organizations rethinking their cloud security strategy. Dell Technologies, a pioneer in the field of Information Technology is providing cloud data protection to support a data-centric approach for users, allowing them to separate their data and cloud management strategies across public cloud providers. By implementing Dell’s single solution that supports workloads on any platform, organizations can reduce cloud protection costs by 66 percent.”

Till date, more than 1,100 companies have trusted Dell to protect their data on the cloud and this data amounts to more than 4EB. Dell Technologies Cloud for Data Protection keeps the data safe across private, edge and public clouds. It reduces business risk, meets regulatory compliance easily and optimizes both costs and cloud disaster recovery capabilities while maintaining data control across the entire cloud infrastructure. Dell Technologies Cloud PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud supports a data-centric approach to data protection for customers, allowing them to separate their data and cloud management strategies across Public Cloud Providers. Customers can use the compute and application capabilities of any cloud provider with their data residing on a PowerProtect DD Appliance.

The benefits of implanting Dell Cloud Data Protection to list a few are:

  • Simplified data management
  • Cloud disaster recovery
  • Long term retention
  • Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series
  • Leverage industry leading de-duplication for lowest cost-to-protect
  • Meet compliance and SLAs with a built-in policy engine
  • Same functionality in public cloud as on-premises
  • Eliminate cloud silos

As applications move to the cloud, flexible, simple backups and restores of data hosted in the public cloud, as well as the ability to move workloads across clouds becomes extremely valuable and allows organizations to select the right place for their workloads to run. Dell Technologies Cloud Data Protection protects data hosted in multiple public clouds from a single destination with confidence and at a low cost-to-protect.

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