Zopper launches its app for android devices

Zopper-app-for-android-devicesNew Delhi, India, July 21, 2014: Online consumer products research platform Zopper which had recently raised $ 5 million of Series B funding from Tiger Global Management LLC and Nirvana Venture Advisors has launched a new mobile app designed to help customers in choosing the best product at the right price and from the best place whether online or offline.

Co-Founder of Zopper Neeraj Jain said, “The trends in shopping are changing rapidly. Customers purchase and decision-making process has shifted earlier from visiting the nearest retail store to visiting the most popular online store for the category. The trend is now going back to Indian roots of making a prudent decision based on knowledge assimilation on a product, discussion with existing users, comparison and then shortlisting the location/ store for shopping. Our application will help the customer in all these stages by acting as a trusted guide or a friend to them while they take their purchase decision by guiding them to best product for their requirements, finding them the right price for the chosen product and finally helping the customer in selecting the best location for purchase from both online as well as offline store.”

Co-Founder of Zopper SurjenduKuila said, “The application is very intensive as it has to have tremendous data backup to support customer requirements. The application functions seamlessly by connecting with our backend servers where all the data about the whole product catalogue, pricing information and offline stores listings etc. is available. The servers in-turn are driven by intelligent algorithms that gather this data from thousands of online sources, saves this data and converts it into relevant information for customers. And this goes on 24/7, non-stop. The applicationhas been created in terms of the design and user experience to create a cool, sleek application that’s easy and a lot of fun to use!”

“While number of Indian customers shopping online has increased, a large part of Indian populace still buys from brick & mortar retail stores and will continue to do so for some time to come. Therefore, we have kept our focus on creating a strong information bank of local retail stores. Our large feet-on-street team helps us in our endeavor towards increasing our local store listings,” added Neeraj Jain, Co-Founder, Zopper.

The focus of the organization is on making the Indian Shopper smarter by equipping him with valuable information so that he or she can take informed decisions. For the time being, anybody with an Android phone can download the application from Google Play Store. Applications on other platforms like Windows Phone and iOS are in the pipeline.

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