Zoho Launches Zoho Forms

Chennai, India, 1 July, 2015: Zoho has launched Zoho Forms, an intuitive cloud-based application that enables non-programmers to create and share mobile and web forms. Available immediately, Zoho Forms securely captures mobile and web user data — like customer registrations, orders, surveys, and responses — and automatically stores it in the cloud, making it available from any device.

Designed for the mobile world, Zoho Forms empowers sales, service, delivery and other mobile professionals to securely collect customer data right from their mobile devices and upload it to the cloud. Available on iOS and Android devices, the Zoho Forms mobile app offers unique flexibility by enabling offline forms creation and data collection, invaluable in remote geographic locations, warehouses, and distribution centers. Forms and data are synced back to the cloud later, when the device has network access.

“Forms do multiple things – both on the web and on mobile devices,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “A good form creation tool comes down to three things – how flexible and customizable it is to enable even a non-programmer to create a custom form, how easy it is to enable workflow coordination like approvals, and how seamlessly it integrates with other business systems. So we focused Zoho Forms on these three elements.”

Zoho Forms Highlights

Zoho Forms is the first app in the market that will let users create forms on a mobile device, back them up to the cloud, and access them from anywhere. Some critical capabilities:

  • Ease of Use – Users need no programming experience. They simply create forms by dragging and dropping fields in a form builder. They can even work offline and data will be auto-synced to the cloud when they are back online. Custom capabilities, like themes, provide branding opportunities.
  • Collaboration – While simple enough for non-programmers, Zoho Forms enables complex business needs by orchestrating workflow. Completed forms can be assigned as tasks to different individuals, based on specific rules. Notifications to users can be automatically set up to drive business processes. Authorization and approvals can be enabled for specific reports.
  • Integration – Zoho Forms ties forms into other software applications. Examples include email campaign software like MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns, productivity apps like Google Spreadsheet, and customer service apps like Zoho CRM and Zoho Support. Serving as a convenient front end, Zoho Forms collects relevant customer data and pushes it to the other apps.

Zoho Forms is also available in Google Apps Marketplace.

Pricing and Availability

Zoho Forms is free for a single user, for up to three forms. It is also immediately available in the following packages: Basic ($10 per month per user), Standard ($25 per month for 10 users) and Professional ($50 per month for 25 users).

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