Zebronics’ Pre- Budget expectations

Quote from Director Purchase & Marketing Zebronics Rajesh Doshi on Pre- Budget expectations:

Director-Purchase-&-Marketing-Zebronics-Rajesh-DoshiI wish that the budget will provide very specific policy incentives to the IT industry that will help us in rapid upscaling – to create new jobs, open up new markets and also increase India’s presence in the global market. 

For this to happen, we need progressive policies, in particular that will help small and medium size companies to grow. My wish list includes simplification of taxation structures and regulations. 

While the Indian strengths in software and services is already well recognised, the local hardware has not fared as well.  Some budgetary impetus in terms of incentives or subsidies to help indigenous manufacturing is required. 

Earlier, Modi ji has talked about increasing technology penetration and increasing digital literacy, reducing the ‘digital divide’ so that the benefits of technology reach the more disadvantaged sections of society. I hope that one of the priorities in this budget will be to focus on promoting the use of technology in schools in smaller towns and districts so that its use becomes widespread and the true benefits of technology for the common man can be seen. 

Budget-2014 should also make provision for expansion of e-governance projects and  bringing more and more government services to general public under its scope.  This will have a ripple down effect for software and hardware sectors.

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