Zebronics launches 7” Video Door Phone ZEB –VD7RT

Zebronics- Video-Door-Phone-ZEB –VD7RTNew Delhi, India, April 29, 2015: Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video products and Surveillance products, unveils its first Video door phone product Line with ZEB-VD7RT. With the combined benefit of Security and convenience ZEB – VD7RT is more of a necessity than an option.


Priced at Rs. 14,000/- ZEB – VD7RT, is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance the security of their home along with convenience. Additionally, it also adds on to the aesthetic value of Indian Homes. The range of video door phones starts at Rs. 5500/-.

The VDP features infrared night vision technology, which has max range of 5 meters, which helps surveillance in difficult lighting conditions. Particularly the challenging situations wherein there is a lot of variation in light levels simultaneously within a scene. The outdoor unit has an array of infra-red lights, the Night Vision light that help the camera capture pictures even in darkness, leaving you to sleep in peace even after switching off the porch lights. The brightness and chroma control features adds to the functionality during poor illumination. It also comes with built-in 16 ring tones for customization and through SD card any user tune can be used.

Now keep unwanted visitors at bay without having to open the door – The Built in Speaker facilitates two-way communication between you and the visitor, making it a perfect solution for those looking to enrich the security of their home along with ease.

The touchscreen control unit, in addition to the display boosting 800×480 pixels, has controls for video playback, communication, image brightness and volume. Moreover the Dual Door Release Gate Unlock further helps one to magically unlock your outside and inside door for you, without having to reach for your device. Another key feature being the Tough Waterproof body, which is Water resistant. Lastly the motion based audio/video recording senses any movement detected in the monitoring area and saves the pictures in the Micro SD Card provided in the indoor unit, that is expandable up to 32GB. As 4GB memory card comes bundled with the device.

Commenting on the launch of VDP, Mr. Sandeep Doshi – Director, Zebronics India Pvt ltd says, “Security Systems in our homes and businesses are not a luxury, but a necessity with the rise of crime and violence in the past decade. CCTV cameras are very much a part of modern life, and like them or not, it cannot be denied that they function as both an incredibly effective preventative measure against crime as well as being a dependable source of evidence in the event of a break in.

ZEB- VD7RT shall be available at all leading retail stores.

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