YU launches 5000 mAh & 10000 mAh range of power banks

New Delhi, India, September 21, 2015: YU has launched JYUICE power banks; JYUICE 5000 mAh & 10000 mAh. Priced at INR 699 for the 5000 mAh and INR 1099 for the 10000 mAh, the JYUICE power banks are exclusively available on Snapdeal.


The new range of power banks have been exquisitely built with aluminum alloy anodizing that helps repel any form of degeneration, corrosion or rusting. JYUICE comes loaded with Lithium-polymer batteries. The Li-polymer batteries not only help protect one’s gadgets but also last longer than conventional Li-ion batteries. The advanced batteries also are more resistant to overcharge, an issue that lot of users face currently.

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