Xchanging expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr. Alok Sinha, President and Head, Global Applications & Engineering Services, & Country Manager-India, Xchanging on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry: 

Xchanging-President-and-Head-Global-Applications-&-Engineering-Services-&-Country-Manager-India-Alok-SinhaWe expect Mr. Narendra Modi’s government to stabilize the Indian economy and lead India to its fullest growth potential. On a global front, India has been struggling with low literacy levels, especially in the rural areas. As an emerging economy, education should be an important focus for the new government. 

As public expectations continue to rise, and competition intensifies globally, India needs to evolve in the manufacturing sector. Taking inspiration from the technological advances of the west, we need to direct our attention to increase the research and development spends. The government needs to reward skilled individuals who can innovate and integrate the capabilities of technology in the manufacturing sector. 

The new government should also take steps to stabilize the automotive sector and see it emerge from a prolonged demand slump. Technology can bridge the urban-rural gap and lead India to be on par with other developed countries.

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