Wipro Launches Innovative RoBoDo Solution for Nutanix Web-Scale Infrastructure

Bangalore, India, May 7, 2015: Wipro, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today announced the launch of its Remote-Branch-Distribution Office solution (RoBoDo), based on Nutanix Web-Scale Infrastructure, which enables enterprises to optimize and centrally manage their remote office infrastructure, ensure compliance and drive agility.

As organizations expand and grow, they rely on branch offices to gain a foothold into new markets and serve their customers better in their existing local markets. Remote offices, which could be anything from bank branches, far flung manufacturing units and offshore mining stations to dispersed communication centers and isolated medical facilities, are the face of the organization for its end customers. As enterprises move to cloud, there is an imperative for a reliable, resilient and agile IT infrastructure at remote offices.

Wipro’s RoBoDo offering registers significant operational gain and agility, all while ensuring that an enterprise’s remote office management, transformation, upgrade, compliance guidelines and, above all, end user experience, is assured.

In collaboration with Nutanix and its partner ecosystem, Wipro has built a consistent, duplicable standard reference blueprint, comprised of designs based on hyper-converged web-scale IT. This IT architecture provides scalability and agility to the remote sites, which helps IT keep up with business demands at an optimal cost and improves remote data lifecycle manageability.

“Remote Branch Distribution office is built on an emerging hyper-converged infrastructure, a complete cloud stack for enterprises to lower cost of distributed IT operations and drive agility. Our relationship with Nutanix is a move towards fast tracking IT transformation for our customers to achieve desired business outcomes,” said G. K. Prasanna, Chief Executive & President, Global Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited. 

Wipro’s industrialized workload migration framework Place IT coupled with its next generation integrated Managed Services framework, ServiceNXT, will enable enterprises to smoothly transition to the RoBoDo framework. Wipro offers this solution as “as-a-service” or as a “customer-owned, on-premise” solution. The service will be offered globally, across industry verticals. Wipro’s customers will have access to validate the solutions via proof of concept from Wipro’s Centers of Excellence in India and the USA.

“This Remote-Branch-Distribution office solution with Wipro is a key example of the benefits the Nutanix web-scale hyper-converged platform offers to companies of all sizes – not just large enterprises. Our alliance with Wipro will help expose Nutanix Platform’s performance, scalability and operational efficiency to companies of all sizes and industries,” said Parmeet Chaddha, VP, Global Services, Nutanix.

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