Wipro joins Georgia Tech Internet of Things Research Center, CDAIT

Bangalore, India, October 7, 2015: The recently established Center for the Development and Application of Internet-of-Things Technologies (CDAIT) said Wipro Limited has joined the global, non-profit, partner-funded center as a founding sponsor.

“Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to the ability for all types of devices to communicate with each other through networks like the Internet, radio frequencies and other forms of transmission. Devices could include the equipment in cars, homes, trucks, cargo, healthcare, and other everyday objects. This new area of technological innovation is receiving increasing attention around the world because of its potential impact on all sectors of the economy and society.

“It exemplifies what we’d like to accomplish in this space when a company with an internationally lauded history of innovation partners with Georgia Tech,” said Andrew Gerber, Georgia Tech Senior Vice President and Director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). “We are proud to be recognized as a trusted collaborator in the Internet-of-Things arena as this center continues to grow. We are eager to harness the unique expertise of our professors, researchers and students to partner with industry to bring forth radical new capabilities throughout the Internet-of-Things value chain.”

As a founding sponsor, Wipro joins AirWatch, AT&T and Samsung to help shape the center’s IoT research and direction. Other leading global companies involved in IoT have indicated their interest in participating in CDAIT.

“Today enterprises and academic institutions collaborate in a manner previously impossible to harness collective knowledge and innovate. We are happy to join forces with Georgia Tech and explore the possibilities of how the IoT explosion can transform the world in which we live,” said Dr. Alan Atkins, Vice President, Global Head of IoT, Wipro Limited.

“We applaud Wipro’s commitment to Georgia Tech’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet-of-Things Technologies (CDAIT),” said Hala Moddelmog, President and CEO, Metro Atlanta Chamber. “A global company like Wipro, with a major presence in Atlanta, joining CDAIT is critical to strengthening our region’s innovation economy and advancing collaborative research on the Internet-of-Things.”

In addition to a seat on the CDAIT Executive Advisory Board (EAB), charter members will be able to participate in research projects, receive pre-published research reports, be invited to special events, and benefit from a range of other interactive activities with CDAIT. Intellectual property agreements have been put in place to allow Wipro access to the latest in cutting-edge IoT research at Georgia Tech.

“Wipro’s involvement in CDAIT contributes to accentuate the international dimension of the center,” said Alain Louchez, CDAIT Managing Director. “The Internet-of-Things is a worldwide phenomenon, which needs to be addressed and researched accordingly. Wipro’s expertise and activities spanning the entire range of IoT domains throughout many markets and countries is an extremely well-suited fit for CDAIT.”

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