Why IT security without NAC (network access control) fails

Wick-HillWoking, Surrey, November 6, 2014: macmon secure, a German vendor of network security solutions, now offers IT Security awareness in an audible way. After the success of the first version of the Network-Access-Control Audiobook in Germany, the second edition “reloaded” is now available in the United Kingdom as well.

Christian Bücker, CEO of macmon secure GmbH, said, “Guides for reading are a dime-a-dozen. But this guide does not just inform – it also entertains and engages – and we feel that we have come up with something special. With this guide, the audience is privy to appropriate strategies and approaches on how to avoid network threats. It is a particularly convenient way for those interested in or working in IT, to learn everything worth knowing about this important topic in a simple and pleasant way. The audio provides information in a formal but friendly manner, and can be used virtually anywhere – whether at home, in the car or on an airplane”

macmon secure “Network Access Control (NAC) reloaded” is an update to the first and only professional audio book on the subject of NAC. The content of this essential guide is provided in a direct style, giving audio descriptions of the available technologies and the solution strategies by providing comprehensive examples.

In the audio book you will learn:

  • What exactly NAC (Network Access Control) is.
  • Why IT Security without NAC fails.
  • Which NAC technologies are currently available on the market.
  • What added value NAC delivers, in addition to standard security gains.
  • Why every company should consider a reliable NAC solution such as macmon
  • Detailed descriptions of NAC for;
    • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
    • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • Guest management
  • Automated Compliance Enforcement
  • Added values such as; interactive displays, graphical reporting and statistics/reporting tools
  • How to integrate NAC with macmon simply, effectively and successfully. 

Since the introduction of network sockets, the control and support for Network Access Control (NAC) has been an ongoing issue within every company. In this day and age of WLAN and the rapidly expanding acceptance of mobile devices within an enterprise, NAC has returned and is again a major focus.

A NAC solution provides a real-time view of all of the devices on your network – and also ensures that those devices are automatically connected to the areas provided for them on that network. Guest- and employee- devices are easily dealt with while no unknown or unwanted devices gain access.

macmon is the most rapid and easy to implement network access control solution in the market. It lets the complexity take a back seat, offers immediate network transparency for LAN and WLAN, and simultaneously provides the central enforcement for all existing security systems.

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