WeChat is introducing an Innovative Way to Login into Accounts Using Voice Recognition

New Delhi, India, May 29, 2015: WeChat, one of the world’s fastest growing social communication applications has announced Voiceprint – the first ever for a leading mobile social communication app that enables WeChatters to login in to their accounts through voice recognition. The speech activated feature is WeChat’s latest innovation that provides users a new, quick and secure way to access their accounts. WeChat has also announced the new WeChat 6.2 for its iOS and Android users.

Voiceprint provides WeChat users an alternative way to login in to their accounts by verbally reading out a set of unique numbers, with an option of not going through the process of remembering a lengthy password. The feature is optional – users are able to activate, verify and reset Voiceprint at the setting selection in WeChat.

“Just like your fingerprint, your voice is unique. Once you have enabled Voiceprint, our smart system can recognise your specific voice and intonations to verify your identify”, said Nilay Arora, Vice President – Marketing and Business Development for WeChat India.

“As WeChat develops further into an advance ecosystem that provides various online elements from messaging, gaming, entertainment, media content and e-commerce, we are actively seeking ways to further enhance our user’s security and privacy data. Voiceprint feature offers a unique solution for user to access additional level of protection in which they are able to utilize according to their preferred option – whether its voice or password recognized.” said Arora.

How To Set Up Voiceprint

Voiceprint can be found by going to Me > Settings > My Account > Voiceprint. You will be prompted to press and hold the green record button, and to read a set of unique numbers. Once you have read the numbers twice, your voiceprint will be activated and enabled.


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