Vivo NEX Cool Features

Vivo has launched a new futuristic smartphone the Vivo NEX in India Priced at RS 44990. It has 6.595-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display with 2316 x 1080 pixels as its resolution. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset along with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB as its internal storage.  The device runs on Android 8.1 Oreo-based Funtouch OS has a 4000 mAh battery capacity.


Cool Features of Vivo NEX 

Elevating Front Camera

The device comes with a futuristic design where the front camera of the device is hidden under the display and pops-out when you switch the camera with a mechanical sound. The front camera on the device is of 8MP along with f/2.0 aperture and AI Technology. The sound of mechanical motion of the elevating camera can be muted from the internal settings.  Though it comes with a delicate camera the build quality of the lens is strong and is scratch resistant. This is the industry’s first futuristic feature which made the device look more elegant and unique.

vivo nex front camera

Design & Display

The device comes with a huge 6.59-inch Full View super AMOLED display and has slim bezels i.e., 2.16 mm on the top, 5.08 mm on the bottom, and 1.71mm on each side. This COF (Chip on Film) screen en-capsulation technology further enhances the bezel-less effect, resulting in an industry-leading screen-to-body ratio of 91.24%. The device comes with a Dazzling back panel which is build using Nano-Precision Laser engraving that helps in craving 10,000 dynamic Color diffraction units on the back.  The Four optical diffractive surfaces have mesmerizing looks from naked eye emitting Rainbow like colors when viewed from any angle making the device look Futuristic.

vivo nex screen

In-Display Fingerprint

The Vivo NEX adopts the Vivo X21’s futuristic In-Display fingerprint technology where the fingerprint sensor is hidden below the OLED display. When any user tries to unlock the device the OLED display emits light to illuminate the finger. Adding the fingerprint on this device is pretty simple, unlike the other smartphones where you need to place the finger on the sensors and add the impressions.



When the screen is off and you need to unlock the device, a fingerprint recognition icon appears on the screen, where you need to place the finger for immediate authentication.  If there isn’t any use of the fingerprint sensors the fingerprint icon is hidden under the display giving the user immense experience while operating the Vivo NEX smartphone.

Jovi – Futuristic AI Assistant

The Vivo NEX is built in such a way that it comes with a dedicated AI Button on the left edge. Jovi is an AI button which is strictly dedicated to a full range of AI services. When you tap on the Button on the Left Edge the AI Voice assistant is launched which acts your personal assistant and helps you in performing multiple functions just by using your voice command.   AI Voice Assistant supports the most popular apps too, including YouTube, Maps, and Line. AI Voice Assistant can also help you with daily tasks, including making phone calls, sending text messages, checking the weather, and updating your calendar.

One-Handed Mode

The Vivo NEX has a huge 6.59-inch FullView display, hence operating the device using a single hand becomes difficult sometimes. One-handed Mode helps in reducing the display size/keyboard size and helps you in operating the device with ease. To use this option, open the settings and tap on One-Handed Mode. In the new window, toggle the button adjacent to keypad/password keyboard and pattern to reduce their size. If you want to reduce the screen size, you need to toggle the button adjacent to Access Mini Screen using gesture to enable that on your device.

Smart Motion

The device comes with multiple smart motion feature which helps you in operating your Vivo NEX with ease. The Smart Motion options include smart wake, smart turn on/off screen, smart call, shake to turn on the flashlight.  The smart wake option helps you in waking the display just by double tapping the screen. The smart call options come with flip-to-mute where if you flip your device the ringtone will automatically mute and smart answer when placing the phone near the ear, it will help in answering the call automatically.

Smart Click

The device comes with a smart click option where it uses the Volume Down button to perform any of the action when the screen is locked. To use this option on your Vivo NEX open the settings and tap on smart click. Now toggle the button adjacent to smart click option select any of the function mentioned in the menu i.e., Turn on/off flash, Record Audio, open camera, open Facebook and enable any other app.

App Clone

The best part about any Vivo smartphone is it comes with App Clone option where you can duplicate the app and use multiple accounts in parallel. The Vivo NEX also supports the same where you need to open the settings and tap on AppClone and click on the app that you want to use/ toggle the button adjacent to the app and enable it on your device. Facebook and Whatsapp are the two applications which can be duplicated using AppClone.

These are some of the cool features of the Vivo Nex. If you have any queries related to the device you can tweet us @technuter.

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