VivaConnect expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr. Pranab Basu (Vice President – Sales & Operations) VivaConnect on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry:

Pranab-Basu-(Vice President - Sales & Operations)-VivaConnectIT and Telecom sector is having higher expectations from Shri. NarendraModi led BJP government, owing to the leader’s inclination towards Information technology and promoting its growth.

According to me our new government should bring more transparency in its functions as promised in their manifesto, doing so with help of integrating technology in its e-governance initiatives and build interfaces between government and its citizens over web and mobile.

Mobile as a medium can help Government to become more inclusive with citizens by providing various platforms to highlight, monitor and measure their need.More importantly to bring down frauds, scams& corruption. Not to forget that it’ll also speed up the operations.

Take this for instance, say a particular road is been badly damaged with potholes or may be its repair work wasn’t completed as stipulated. In such case a citizen captures its picture and uploads it over government’s portal as a complaint. This report is quickly looked over by the respective authority and promptly acted upon. The result is there for everyone to see.

Not only this will organize government operations but also promote them to instill people’s trust in the system. Also there should be systems that brings in transparency in the whole supply chain management for resources such as ration, transport, employment, manufacturing, etc. This can greatly help in faster turnaround, avoid wastage and enhance the supply chain with centralized monitoring. Citizens demand transparency!

The government may focus over expansion and have better penetration of mobile-enabled services like m-health and mobile money can be beneficial in our country. In addition to these new government shall stabilize license terms, bring investor friendly policies and promote effective merger and acquisition.

By building such initiatives we’ll surely have a brighter future…

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