Videocon Telecom offers free data to non-data users

New Delhi, India, July 06, 2015: Taking the PM’s vision of Digital India forward, Videocon Telecom, the versatile, friendly and dynamic telecom brand of the $10 billion worth Videocon Group, today announced free Data for its all Non data users subscribers as an initiative to educate and encourage them to start using data and get digitally connected. The telco also sets up a free helpline and extends demonstration stations at all its Exclusive branded ‘Videocon Connect’ Retail to educate them on the knowhow of data usage.  With a trial offer of 750 MB of free data for all such subscribers valid for 2 months, the telco plans to give away over 1,500 Tera byte of free data to such subscribers.

The telco conducted a study on these non-data users to understand their reasons for not using data, and found out that over 86% of these non users having data enabled handsets aspire to use data but are reluctant to do so. The study suggested the 2 key reasons being 1) Inadequate knowledge and that initial hesitation to ask someone on knowhow. 2) Perception of data cost being high.

The telco’s plans to address both these concerns by educating such first  time users thru a newly setup Digital helpline and demonstration stations at its exclusive branded ‘Videocon Connect’ stores. These first time users will be extended basic knowhow of using mobile data including browsing the net, using search engines, setting up various social media accounts etc. The telco will also be offering free data of 750 MB valid for 2 months as a trial offer for all such subscribers. To avail this free data, subscribers will just needs to give a missed call on a pre-defined no, and based on eligibility,  subscriber will be extended free data followed by a call from the Digital Helpline on the knowhow.  With the initiative, the telco is also expecting customers to upgrade their handsets to data enabled handsets.

Arvind Bali, Director & CEO, Videocon Telecommunications Ltd. said, Its said charity begins at home, and as a part of PM’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, we wanted to initiate something for our own customers to start with. We have been taking initiatives to increase our data penetration month on month, and as we speak we have a  good mobile internet penetration of 64% odd on customers with data enabled handsets. Yet there is a set of customers who despite owning a data enabled handset have not used data since they came aboard on our Network. 

 Our customer study on these set of subscribers suggested initial hesitation and their perception on the cost of data being the key reasons for not using data.  I am sure with this initiative we will be able to address these two key reasons and get majority of these subscribers to use data.. This initiative shall address both first time mobile users primarily from rural belts and existing mobile users who have been using mobile primarily for voice. The target segment is huge, and I am sure this will go a long way in digitally connecting every subscriber. The whole world comes to your fingertips once you start using data, you can practically search and learn anything, this initiative will empower the people . 

 India boasts one of the highest mobile penetration in the world and contributes to over 14% of the world’s mobile users, and the best and fastest way to ensure data penetration is thru this medium, I am sure that if all telecom and related companies take similar initiates, it is not long before that the PMs vision shall become reality.” Mr. Bali added.

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