Useful emergency alert apps by BlackBerry

During the time of emergency, a smartphone can be very helpful. Users must download some of these beneficial BlackBerry apps that can be of assistance to avoid or reduce the risk of a bigger mishap.



This application turns your social network into your Lifeguard. With just a press of an emergency button you can make a call, send 3 emergency SMS and update your BBM and Facebook status update with an emergency message. The application supports 5 kinds of emergencies: POLICE, MEDICAL, HOME, FIRE and PERSONAL. It also supports a dummy police siren to ward off criminals, in app camera invocation and automatic addition of location information in emergency messages whenever location information is available with the phone.
Price: Free

alert-apps-by-BlackBerry-Emergency InfoEmergency Info

Emergency Info allows you to store your most important personal information in your BlackBerry smartphone. In case of emergency, physicians, paramedics and nurses can access to the application and review your personal information, including your emergency contacts, current medical conditions, your past surgery history, and more. It can also be your mobile medical notebook
Price: Rs. 150/-

alert-apps-by-BlackBerry-Disaster Alert
Disaster Alert

Sometimes it is crucial to have access to information first. Especially with natural or even human made disasters it is often just a matter of minutes to know where and when something happened. DisasterAlert helps you to prepare for an early escape before the infrastructure collapses. This might save your and the lives of others. The app shows you the distance from your current position to the disaster area. So you always know which news are relevant for you. Each disaster can be shown on a map which provides a visual overview on the location of a particular disaster. The app integrates seamlessly into BlackBerry® Maps which provides professional world-wide mapping and GPS functionality. It is a GOLD Prize Winner at BlackBerry® Developer Challenge 2009 HK.
Price: Rs. 1050/-



International SOS Assistance

The International SOS Assistance App is an essential tool that helps you make the most of your International SOS membership and is available exclusively to members whose organization offers the App to their travelers and expatriates. With the Assistance App, travelers have a world of capability in their hand: it is the only medical and travel security app that is integrated into a global assistance infrastructure.
Price: Free

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