Usage of mobile apps by kids below 5years of age is at an all time high

Founder-&-Managing-Director-of-Pulp-Strategy-Communications-Ambika-SharmaNew Delhi, India, March 16, 2015: Study conducted by Pulp Startegy has found that Kids between the age group of 0-5 years are using mobile apps for a whooping 18-20 hours weekly.  Increasingly, younger children are embracing smart devices for entertainment purpose.

By the age of 8,  97% of children have used a smartphone, tablet or similar device.

The study found that mobile app  use among very young children is growing rapidly. Among the app usage, gaming apps had 77% adoption versus 23% for learning apps. Not only are more children using tablets and smartphones, they’re using them for longer periods of time, reveals the study.

Young children can master the largely intuitive touch screens well before they read and that explains how easily they are hooked to smart devices. Parents too don’t mind letting their kids use smart devices to keep them busy.

“Companies had not created smart phones and tablets for kids but the access to instant play, learning opportunity and potentially quiet time for the parent, all contributed towards creating this secondary user- children who have seeded an app-revolution of sorts”, tells Ambika Sharma, MD, Pulp Strategy Communications.

India is witnessing a revolution in mobile data and uptake of smart devices. This research is a first in series of research studies of consumer behavior in relation to mobile applications and has focused on a very significant consumer segment who isn’t the primary owner of a smart device but whose pester power is increasingly a powerful force for brand preference and product adoption and sales.

The opportunity to tap the young, enthusiastic market of kids is enticing and technology can help create tighter bonds between brands and kids. These are times for great transition as kids move from laptops and fixed devices to mobile for staying entertained. The potential to engage with these young consumers early has never been

bigger. The more we think of mobile apps and children as audience, the more we feel marketers are sitting on an amazing untapped opportunity for building brand engagement.

​Key Findings: 

  • Kids between the age group of 0-5 years are using mobile apps for a whooping 18-20 hours weekly
  • gaming apps had a 77% adoption versus 23% for learning apps.
  • 97% of the parents reported having at least one smart device and 35% had more than one.
  • 88% of parents let their kids use their smart devices and 12% said their kids had their own
  • High usage of apps/ smart devices is opening opportunities for marketers whose core TG is young kids.

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