US tech Orbis partners with Signzy to automate customer onboarding

US based Orbis Systems which provides turnkey API and technology stack for global brokerages, fintechs and financial institutions has partnered with banking workflow automation platform Signzy to automate customer onboarding. Orbis will leverage Signzy’s AI powered onboarding suite to offer identity verification services for Indian and global customers.

Signzy’s onboarding suite powers banks, financial institutions and fintechs in more than 180 countries with 10 million onboardings a month. Signzy’s identity authentication automates the verification process and helps businesses reduce turnaround time in onboarding by 90 percent, while meeting AML and KYC legislation, and improving fraud detection.

Johanna Wallengren, CFE, Operations Manager, ViewTrade Securities said, “By implementing Signzy’s solution we have automated our entire workflow. We are able to provide a seamless and hassle free experience to our customers by implementing identity verification services directly through government data. Signzy is an amazing partner for our compliance needs globally, as ViewTrade always seeks to do very thorough background checks in order to protect our company against fraud and complies with all the regulatory KYC and AML rules in our industry.”

Orbis has over 20 years of experience in bringing digital transformation across global financial markets through tech driven solutions in trading.

Signzy Co-founder and Chief Business Officer Arpit Ratan said, “Orbis has a legacy of bringing tech transformation to global financial firms. We are excited to bring the next level of digital transformation in customer onboarding for fintechs and financials firms across the United States. Orbis Systems is a perfect partner for Signzy in our global expansion.”

Through its partnership with Signzy, Orbis is able to offer local identity checks for Indian residents, as well as global checks. Orbis will leverage Signzy’s advanced onboarding technology to confirm the authenticity of a wide range of government-issued ID, including Driver’s License, Passport, Visa, and other official documents.

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