Twitter launches a new Home timeline feature

New Delhi, India, February 10, 2016: Starting today, Twitter announces a new timeline feature that helps you catch up on the most important Tweets from the people you follow. There’s so much happening on Twitter every day so it isn’t always easy to catch every Tweet that matters. Twitter’s new timeline feature will surface relevant Tweets based on information like who you follow and what you engage with so the content that is interesting to you is easy to discover whether you stay on Twitter all day or visit for a few minutes.

Here’s how it works. You flip on the feature in your settings; then when you open Twitter after being away for a while, the Tweets you’re most likely to care about will appear at the top of your timeline still recent and in reverse chronological order. The rest of the Tweets will be displayed right underneath, also in reverse chronological order, as always. At any point, just pull-to-refresh to see all new Tweets at the top in the live, up-to-the-second experience you already know and love. People who use this new feature tend to Retweet and Tweet more, creating more live commentary and conversations, which is great for everyone.  For more information just go into the timeline section of your settings and choose ‘Show me the best Tweets first’.

Brands that create quality content have always performed well on Twitter. With this update, whether it comes from an SMB, large brand, consumer, or athlete you follow, the best content shines through. Twitter has seen an increase in engagement for brands’ organic Tweets and an increase in engagement for Tweets about live events.

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts will work the same way as always, and are not affected by this change. Brands will still have access to the same suite of creative, measurement, and targeting tools to make sure theirs ads display to the right people, at just the right moment. News Service

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