Truecaller Launches “Truecaller Priority” to Aid E-Commerce Last Mile Delivery

Truecaller is launching “Truecaller Priority” in partnership with EKART, the supply chain arm of Flipkart, to provide an enhanced delivery experience by giving users more context to calls, and letting them know when their package is about to reach them. Truecaller will now be able to show all logistics related calls made by Flipkart and other EKART clients. The purpose of “Truecaller Priority” is to ensure that consumers will always know when it’s a relevant and important call made from a company – and not a spam call.

Everyday e-commerce companies lose millions of dollars due to logistics delivery issues. This results in a bad customer experience which translates to mounting overhead cost and challenges at managing customer support. “Truecaller Priority will help EKART complete more deliveries through increased call completion and pick-up rate by boosting their efficiency.

Our mission at Truecaller is to build great communication products which are safe and efficient. With the launch of “Truecaller Priority”, EKART will ensure that users will only get relevant logistics calls from them. The expectation of receiving your delivery on time is very important for any user, and more so for the e-commerce companies, which is their core brand and service promise as well. We believe this is a game changing experience to this industry as a whole.” says Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder & CSO at Truecaller.

Neeraj Aggarwal, Head – Supply Chain Operations at EKART, said, “Given the huge volume of shipments on a daily basis, we are often faced with challenges in connecting with our customers. The partnership with Truecaller will help us circumvent these barriers, without being mistaken for a spam call. He added, “We are a technology company known for our India centric innovations. With this association, we hope to bring in a radical addition to our customer outreach initiatives.”

The new feature will immediately be available for all Truecaller users.

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