Trend Micro builds safer mobile gaming experience for consumers in India

Trend-Micro-logoNew Delhi, India, July 21, 2014: With the rapid rise of malicious and high-risk mobile apps in today’s increasingly connected digital lifestyles, Trend Micro Inc., a global developer of security software solutions, has come together with mobile game developers from India –CreatioSoft, Tuttifruitti Interactive and Gamania – and around Asia to set up the Safe Gaming Alliance. This announcement signifies Trend Micro’s new focus on the mobile gaming industry, building upon its deep experience in the mobile and social networking space.

As part of this commitment, Trend Micro is introducing the first-of-its kind Dr. Safety mobile security app, together with game developers in an effort to create a world safer for mobile gaming. First launched in Taiwan, the app is now available in the rest of Asia Pacific. It features six secure game technologies including a security certified games recommendations feature, to ensure consumers are downloading legitimate gaming apps for the best possible mobile gaming experience.

Alongside India-based game developers, other mobile gaming developers forming part of the alliance include AppXplore, FunPlus, Games Solution Centre – Singapore, Gumi Asia, Monkey Wrench Games, PIGSSS GAMES and Softstar Entertainment.

“It is anticipated that India will have more smartphone owners by the end of 2014 than there are people living in Australia, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and United Kingdom combined. This is driving the rapid growth of the mobile app market in India, as more local and international developers expand into India. Mobile gaming will become a key focus area and cybercriminals are bound to capitalize on this growing sector. By working with local partners such as CreatioSoft, Tuttifruitti Interactive and Gamania, we can offer a trusted and secure platform for consumers in India, creating a safer mobile gaming environment for the entire ecosystem,” said Terrence Tang, Senior Director of Consumer Business, Asia Pacific, Trend Micro. 

Commenting on this partnership, Ankit Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer of CreatioSoft, a company which designs, develops and distributes cross-platform mobile games said, “Mobile app security remains a huge concern globally. At CreatioSoft, we are taking a step ahead to be part of the Safe Gaming Alliance. In partnership with Trend Micro, the global leader in cloud and data security, we provide millions of users with access to secure, reliable and reputable mobile games. This demonstrates our commitment to create a safer environment for mobile gamers.” 

Founder and chief executive officer of Gamiana, a multi-platform game development and publishing company,Vishal Golia, said, “The mobile gaming industry continues to experience double-digit growth worldwide.  Gamiana is an early adopter of mobile-first strategy for its games across various genres.  To ensure that our users enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience, we have partnered with Trend Micro to be part of the Safe Gaming Alliance.  We applaud Trend Micro’s leadership in creating safer gaming environment for mobile users.” 

Mobile Gaming Landscape in Southeast Asia

In Asia where mobile and social networking are intricate parts of daily lives, explosive growth of mobile gaming industry is anticipated. According to a report from Dutch-based research firm Newzoo, mobile-games revenue will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 27.3% until 2016. The report also cited that the Asia-Pacific region is by far the biggest market for mobile games with 48% of global revenue.

Across Southeast Asia, consumers have a robust appetite for mobile gaming. Based on a Trend Micro survey of more than 2,000 respondents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, it was found that on average, one out of two consumers play mobile games daily on their mobile device. Around 50% of respondents in Indonesia and Philippines download mobile games on a weekly basis. Adventure, Action and Arcade games are the top favourite categories across the region.

Although all respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines are willing to purchase mobile gaming apps, Thailand is the biggest spender with 63% respondents willing to pay more than USD$10 per app while almost half of respondents in Indonesia don’t typically pay for their gaming apps. Despite authenticity checks, consumers are still prone to fake and risky apps. While 71% of consumers in Philippines check authenticity of apps prior to download, almost half of them have encountered fake apps.

Across the region, there is still a significant number of users who are not protected on their mobile device. Singapore respondents scored the highest at 58% on those who do not use mobile security and anti-virus apps, followed by Malaysia and Thailand at 44%. In Indonesia and Philippines, around one-third of respondents do not use mobile security and anti-virus apps.

Beware the Mobile Threats!

The number of mobile malware andhigh-risk apps hit 2 million according to Trend Micro’s first quarter security roundup for 2014. The mobile threat landscape is quickly resembling today’s PC threat landscape wherein vulnerabilities are discovered one after another since June 2013. The Android™ “master key” vulnerability, which affected almost all devices, could make any mobile malware “legitimate.” Shortly after, vulnerabilities in device accessories like SIM cards and fake iPhone® chargers also came to the fore. A platform bug that could also trap a device in an endless reboot loop and another that could leak user data soon followed. Most recently, the Heartbleed vulnerability posed a risk to mobile devices.

It is no secret that cybercriminals are actively repacking popular mobile gaming apps for malicious intent. These apps are not only hosted on malicious sites but even in legitimate app stores. One good example is the recent case of trojanized Flappy Bird, which was repackaged and injected with malicious code and downloaded by countless of unsuspecting users within the first 24 hours following the announcement of the official apps’ withdrawal from the app store.

“At Tuttifrutti Interactive, we develop immersive adventure games that consumers love. At the same time, it is our utmost concern to ensure 100 percent security for all our apps. We are excited to be part of the Safe Gaming Alliance and to play an active role in creating a safer gaming environment for mobile users,” said Ajish G Habib, Chief Executive Officer of Tuttifrutti Interactive.

Game On Safely on Mobile with Dr. Safety

Dr. Safety is a free mobile app with a unique game application recommendation function, giving mobile gamers the confidence to play any recommended games with a peace of mind and sparing them the worry of downloading a copycat application or having virtual items stolen. Providing 100% detection, Dr. Safety protects users against external threats and efficiently clears any malicious mobile applications off their devices. It improves user’s Facebook privacy and identify malicious apps that steal info including fake banking apps. Dr. Safety provides 100% detection according to AV-TEST and is also certified by PCSL and AV-Comparatives.

The six safeguarding features in Dr Safety include:

1.       Safeguard game account – scans all of your apps and files to ensure they are not malicious.

2.       Safeguard privacy – identifies which apps collect and steal your personal info using the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

3.       Anti-phishing – blocks malicious websites including phishing and fake bank sites.

4.       Anti-theft – finds your device back when you have lost it.

5.       Anti-disturbance – blocks unwanted contact with whitelists and blacklists of phone numbers.

6.       Secure Certified Games Recommendation – download apps with confidence and play recommended games and utilities without worries.

Dr Safety is immediately available for download in Google Play and now supports English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

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