Transcend unveils 1TB ESD400 Portable Solid State Drives

Transcend-1TB ESD400-Portable-Solid-State-DrivesNew Delhi, India, June 20, 2014: Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend),   a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, today launched the ESD400, its latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD). Featuring outstanding high capacities of up to 1TB, transfer speeds of up to 410MB/s read and 380MB/s write, and an extra durable and compact design, ESD400 SSDs are best suited for consumers demanding massive storage space and high-speed data transfer.

Higher Capacities and Blazing-Fast Speeds

Featuring vast storage capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB, the ESD400 allows you to save your high-resolution multimedia files and applications, photos, documents and almost everything you need in it. The ESD400 USB 3.0 Portable SSD is equipped with a next-generation Super Speed USB 3.0 connection interface that provides 10 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0. With UASP support, the ESD400 can deliver significantly faster performance. When connected to a USB 3.0 port, the ESD400 boasts blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 410MB and 380MB per second, fast enough to transfer a full 4.7GB DVD movie in just 13 seconds. With USB 2.0 backwards compatibility, the ESD400 ensures that users will be able to move files between computers that do not support SuperSpeed USB 3.0.

Extra Durable and Compact Design

Due to the absence of moving parts, Transcend’s flash-equipped ESD400 runs cool and silent, and can withstand 5 times greater shock or vibration than conventional portable hard disk drives. Taking full advantage of solid-state storage technology, the ESD400 not only offers superior durability and reliability, but is also much smaller and lighter. Measuring just 92 x 62 x 10.5mm and weighing a mere 56g, the playing card-sized ESD400 fits neatly in your pocket. Perfect for everyday portability, this compact SSD includes a handy travel pouch to protect the drive’s sleek outer case against scratches during transport.

Exclusive Transcend Elite Data Management Software

For added value, the ESD400 includes a free download of the exclusive Transcend Elite data management tool that helps you manage data and increase productivity. With this convenient software, users can easily perform incremental backups, secure confidential information and much more. Moreover, the ESD400’s One Touch auto-backup button enables you to instantly backup and synchronize data with your notebook or desktop PC, ensuring that your important files are safely stored in a secondary backup location.

Pricing and Warranty

Transcend’s ESD400 Portable SSDs are available in 128GB (INR 6,599.approx), 256GB (INR 11,399.approx), 512GB (INR 21,000.approx) and 1TB (INR 42,199.approx) capacities, and all models carry Transcend’s three-year limited warranty.

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