“The other project which we have just completed is a Thermal Imaging CCD” – By, Mr. Prashant Pillai, Co-Founder, Indian Robotics Solutions

Indian Robotics Solutions Co-Founder Prashant PillaiCurrent Covid-19 related projects

Our Corona Combat Drone (CCD) can disinfect an area of 500*500m or 2 kms in length in less than 9 minutes. It has an attached carrier with a capacity of 10L which can be expanded to 20L. It was originally aimed to kill pests by agricultural spraying of pesticides & insecticides but now, seeing the present situation, it had to be reengineered to spray disinfectants & to deliver medicines and essentials.

The other project which we have just completed is a Thermal Imaging CCD, India’s first integrated drone which uses image processing to give thermal images of people it captures as well as disinfects the area. It’s a smart device which can assist the authorities to do the principal scanning of a crowd and can pick out the people who are having a high temp thus ensuring that corona doesn’t spread amongst the others.

Otherwise we have drones which can assist the police department to do aerial surveillance which can help them to restrict people who are coming out or who aren’t following law and order.

Some of the latest industry trends

In the past few weeks, a lot of home-grown companies are jumping in this drive to disinfect their respective areas through drones. We had also completed a few projects with NDMC – North Delhi Municipal Corporation and after our Narela quarantine camp drive, I remember seeing a lot of updates from various drone companies regarding their endeavour to fight corona through drones.

Speaking about the industry in general, major corporations are getting their drones NPNT complaint by the DGCA. I am sure in the coming few days we will also see drones being used for delivering of food & essentials too.

IRS’s role in drone surveillance as well as disinfection drives

Till now Corona Combat Drone has covered over 15 locations, 87 Kms area, sanitized residential areas of over 5,00,000 people in Delhi namely Shakurpur, Lal Bagh basti, Sadar Bazaar, Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar etc. The targeted areas are those which are remotely located and are not easily accessible through the MCD sanitizing tanks. We started this drive at 30th March from Shakurpur basti, partnering with NDMC. We are already in talks with various state police departments as well as the Govt. of Haryana, Bihar & UP so that all our drones, be it CCD, Thermal Imaging CCD or Surveillance drone will be deployed for the betterment of the general public.

New product development, feature enhancement in existing products

Our team at IRS are in the final testing phase of developing a drone which is easy to assemble all the parts as well, once detached can come inside your office bag. This drone will have the capacity to lift over 12 kgs. We will be integrating an AI based system in the CCD as well as thermal imaging CCD by the end of this month.

Expansion Plan

We already have offices in Delhi and Bhopal and are planning to start one in Hyderabad soon. We are in talks with some private VC’s and Hedge Funds who would be an excellent asset to our already great team.

Moving forward, we would be working on making robotic solutions such as stealth land rovers as well as transformable drones which can go on water, air and all terrain for the Indian Intelligence Agencies. We are already working with the army from the past 3 years and I am sure we would be able to assist the defence authorities better in the time to come.

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