“The marketplace has realized that the adoption of cloud is not “an if’’ question but more of a ‘when’ question in today’s world” – By, Mr. Rahul Kumar, Country Manager, WinMagic India

WinMagic-Country-Manager-&-Director-Rahul-KumarWhy is encryption getting sold globally? 

As you would know Encryption is the process of making content inaccessible to anyone or any device without the proper keys to unlock that content. Encryption, if implemented the right way, puts you back in control over who you allow to view what information, that’s the reason we see globally today encryption becoming an absolute tick on CISO’s checklist. More and more CISO’s and CIOs want to know about encryption and its management.

What are the challenges that global organisations face with management of encryption? 

Organisations are hesitant to adopt encryption technology because of multiple reasons: IT Costs & Management Issues– Managing an end point encryption tool is traditionally seen as an expensive affair with multiple helpdesk admins required.

Next is Compliance& Risk– Simple key management scenarios have compliance issue & can result in a single point of compromise. Then User ExperienceIssues– Managing multiple key types is also a user headache – multiple sign-ins, and slower processing times.

Intelligent key management is only possible with a solution that can manage any device or application, and with a solution that can manage any encryption– native encryption across all platform be in Windows or Mac. WinMagic provides such an intelligent key management solution.

The challenges with encryption have traditionally made it difficult software to adopt? How does WinMagic make it better? 

WinMagic is one of the most respected names in the data security business.  We protect millions of endpoint devices around the globe.  Our award-winning comprehensive encryption and intelligent key management solutions are the best defense against sophisticated threats and data loss. WinMagic’s flagship offering – SecureDoc – provides everything encryption, securing data wherever it is stored by enabling organizations large and small with a unified encryption strategy across any end point and virtualized or Cloud IaaS environment. Furthermore, we enable Data Loss Prevention strategies with encryption for removable media, files and folders

You recently launched a solution for virtual server market. How is it picking up? What is the traction from companies globally? Any specific industry? 

The marketplace has realized that the adoption of cloud is not “an if’’ question but more of a ‘when’ question in today’s world. And when you move out to use someone else’s infrastructure for your data, it becomes increasingly important that you take care of the security of your data. Encrypting the virtual instances is critical and probably the most fundamental thing to do when you host your data elsewhere with a CSP. The providers also put it in black and white in their shared responsibility model.

We now have some key wins in this space in BFSI and Legal outsourcing marketplace in India and we see some very large organizations interested in protecting their instances. Some compliances like that of EUGDPR are pushing the envelope towards this.

Is Cloud VM a solution ahead of its time, especially in India?

Ahead of time, surely not! India is now abreast with most of what is happening globally and some of the companies here are leaders in what they are doing and how they look at security. Yes, if we had a local compliance, that would help a lot more with companies putting up a stringer security posture, but with some global compliances now affecting Indian companies, it is only going to help companies be more secure. It ensures that the volume and full disk encryption keys are in exclusive control of organizations.

We are offering this solution to companies here and many are seriously considering it as an option.

A lot/ most large companies use BitLocker as their encryption tool, as its “free”. Does WinMagic have a play there? 

For enterprises dominated by the Windows Operating System, Microsoft’s BitLocker has been naturally adopted to encrypt user devices, including PCs and laptops. Integration of BitLocker into the operating system is a good first step in improving data security. To expose the full capability of BitLocker, organizations require a comprehensive key management tool that enables user-based policies, allowing the administrator to better-manage who gains access to data, what level of access is granted, and when or how they access it.

WinMagic’s BitLocker management tool helps to do exactly that- Help customers manage BitLocker better and enables them to save overall cost of ownership. Yes, you heard it right, save TCO.. Nothing is free, it’s a notion..

What would be the impact of EUGDPR on the global market place and will Indian companies be affected?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with its implications is a concern for almost every organisation doing business in the EU and India is not isolated to this phenomena. While it becomes enforceable only on May 28th 2018, the time to prepare for it is now.

The law’s objectives are to protect the “digital citizen” and ensure a single digital market. That means the new regulation is to not merely protect information but also to authenticate legitimate users.

Globally companies will now have an obligation to protect personal information no matter how it is processed. This will mean a complete re-examination of the way they store data – including focusing on cloud apps that may be used across an organisation. In addition, companies will also have to look beyond simple data residence and consider the paths their data travels.

I would think that Indian IT industry would also have to do the same and observe what GDPR is proposing as a “Global Regulation” and the restrictions it would impose.

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