“The IoT Wall is an illustration of how the Internet of Things is being deployed today”- Mr. Baskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India

Freescale-Semiconductor-India-Baskar-DhandapaniMr. Baskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India Pvt. Ltd shares his views with Technuter.com: 

What are latest industry trends in IoT?

Internet of Things is certainly the buzz word now. Everybody today is talking about how devices are getting smart and connected and how IoT will flourish across industries. From an era when smartphones were a luxury, today people have refrigerators, ACs to microwaves which are smart and can communicate with other devices. 

The latest trend that we see is the usage of IoT across various sectors. It has usefulness across industries and it is very interesting to see how the trend is catching up across vertical. If we look at the specific examples: in the healthcare industry, the viable use of this trend can help in lowering costs and improving quality; Advances in sensor and connectivity technology are allowing devices to collect, record and analyze data that was not accessible before. In healthcare, this means being able to collect patient data over time that can be used to help enable preventive care, allow prompt diagnosis of acute complications and promote understanding of how a therapy (usually pharmacological) is helping improve a patient’s parameters and more such things. 

Similarly, in the auto industry IoT has been used effectively, with automakers banking on this technology to drive sales. The IoT extends to the automobile through wireless connections to the ITS infrastructure managing Infotainment, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) etc. 

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), The Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity drive will create a market worth up to $8.9 trillion by 2020. IDC said IoT would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.9 percent between now and 2020, to reach $8.9 trillion. So it will be really interesting to see how IoT shapes up in times to come and how it has an impact on different sectors. 

What is the USP of Freescale products?

Usage of low power MCUs, intelligent ICs and overall greener technology is on a rise in the country and opens up new opportunities for us. We have a wide range of products and solutions to cater to different market needs. We are leaders in the automotive and networking domain and our chips and processors are used by top tier companies in this domain. 

Our end-to-end portfolio of high-performance, power-efficient MCUs and digital networking processors help realize the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), reflecting our unique ability to deliver scalable, systems-focused processing and connectivity. Our large portfolio includes scalable MCU and MPU families from small ultra-low-power Kinetis MCUs to i.MX and Vybrid multimedia processors with advanced performance and feature integration. Each family has been designed to offer a broad range of performance, peripheral and packaging options, providing migration paths for end-product platform development. 

Our products enable longer battery life, smaller form factor, component count reduction, ease of design, lower system cost and improved performance.  

What is IoT WALL?

The IoT Wall is an illustration of how the Internet of Things is being deployed today and how products are used. We demonstrated this wall first at Freescale Technology Forum last year in Bangalore and we brought this to the EFY Expo this year. 

IoT wall had products across 5 categories like wearables, smart health, smart home, smart energy and smart cities. These categories had various products under them that were displayed at the expo. The product names showcased across categories are mentioned below 


  • I’mWatch
  • Go Pro Camera – Hero 3
  • Withings Monitor
  • Garmin Forerunner 10
  • Whistle 

Smart Health

“Smart Health” describes the end products that are used to monitor health related parameters for personal use or in conjunction with medical professionals through secure wireless connectivity and the internet. 

Freescale Home Health Hub Reference Platform (now migrates to IoT Gateway)

  • Create a data aggregator to collect, connect and share healthcare data
  • Provides connectivity with wired and wireless healthcare devices
  • Connect to health, fitness, and medical devices using Bluetooth ®
    • Connect to the cloud using Ethernet and Wi-Fi®
  • Oracle’s Java running on the Freescale i.MX6 processor provides a secure service layer to the cloud
    • Lamprey Networks Host SW running on the i.MX6 provides a Continua compliant offering.

Smart Home

  • IoT Gateway
  • Allure Thermostat
  • Think Eco plug
  • IP security camera interfacing via WiFi to the IoT Gateway
  • Oracle provided a Surface pro tablet which connected to the TV screen and showed the Oracle Smart Home GUI

In this section there is also a light which was connected to the think Eco plug. This light was used to demonstrate that lights could be turned off by turning off power to the ThinkEco modlet. 

Smart Energy 

The Smart Energy section consisted of  electricity meters with ZigBee 2.0 and  Sub- GHZ radio that connected to the Smart Home and Smart cities areas 

Smart Cities 

The Smart Cities section of the wall consists of One Edge Router/ Data concentrator = P1025 TWR and 2 End Node, RF transceivers. 

Could you please tell us about your R&D centers?

In India we have R&D for various domains including automotive and digital networking. Our R&D is based out of Noida, Hyderabad and Bangalore and we have over 1000 employees across these 3 centers.

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