Teradata Joins NVIDIA Partner Program

Teradata has announced that its Think Big Analytics consulting group has joined the NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner program. NVIDIA GPUs are widely used in deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated analytics applications. As a program member, Think Big Analytics will help clients looking to scale their AI initiatives by working with NVIDIA to optimize deep learning for enterprise use and coordinating go-to-market strategies.

According to a 2017 survey of 260 large, global organizations conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Teradata, the biggest challenges for implementing AI in enterprise environments are a lack of AI-ready IT infrastructure and a lack of talent. This partnership addresses both issues by bringing together two highly regarded services organizations with broad AI experience and a best-in-class AI computing platform.

Think Big Analytics is one of the first large, global consultancies to join NVIDIA’s partner network. With its exclusive focus on data and analytics, Teradata will be collaborating with NVIDIA on solutions that drive impactful business outcomes in industries including banking and insurance, automotive, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, and travel and transportation. Teradata’s inclusion in the highly selective program was based on the company’s extensive real-world experience implementing deep learning, via its AI Velocity services, much of which already included using NVIDIA GPUs.

“We’ve seen the business value created by applying deep learning algorithms enabled by NVIDIA GPUs,” said Atif Kureishy, Vice President of Emerging Practices at Think Big Analytics. “This partnership formalizes our use of NVIDIA-based technologies, giving our talented data scientists and engineers greater access to IP and expertise from NVIDIA, but also creating a positive feedback loop that will drive product innovation at both companies.”

Teradata consultants will have access to NVIDIA training materials, support resources and technology tools to ensure customers are successful with their AI solutions enabled by the NVIDIA AI computing platform. For customers in the banking industry, this means they can keep pace with increasing fraud while strengthening their customer intimacy. Manufacturers using AI can sense and adjust intelligent systems in minutes instead of months, increasing production yield while lowering material scrap. For these industries, and many more, the combination of NVIDIA AI computing and Teradata services will accelerate time to value for the implementation of deep learning and AI environments.

“Most companies need to customize their AI efforts to meet their unique demands, but there’s currently a relatively small pool of AI talent,” said Craig Weinstein, Vice President of Partners Organization at NVIDIA. “We recommend that companies work with consulting partners like Teradata who have a vision for how AI will drive business outcomes as well as considerable experience using our GPUs to accelerate AI environments and achieve measurable results with deep learning and advanced analytics.”

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