Teradata and MapR Partnership Expands Hadoop Choices within Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture

MapR-LogoBangalore, India, November 21, 2014: Teradata, the big data analytics and marketing applications company, and MapR Technologies, Inc., a provider of Apache Hadoop, has announced an expanded partnership that covers technology integration, road map alignment, and a unified go-to-market offering. The two companies are optimizing integration of the MapR Distribution within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, providing customers more choices when combining Teradata’s best-in-class data warehousing with Hadoop, discovery platforms, and NoSQL options to drive analytic innovation.

The agreement also provides for Teradata to resell MapR software, professional services, and customer support and serve as the single point of contact for customers that use both Teradata and MapR solutions. Orchestration capabilities such as Teradata QueryGrid and Teradata Loom will be directly integrated with MapR software. QueryGrid is the seamless data fabric that both optimizes and simplifies processing across Teradata Databases, Hadoop distributions, the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, NoSQL databases, and other technologies.

“Customers who have invested in both MapR and Teradata solutions have requested integration, so now is the right time to expand our partnership. As customers continue to build out analytic architectures, they want flexibility and choice, and Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture is the most sophisticated and open big data ecosystem,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs.

“Hadoop is a must-have technology, enabling sophisticated data warehouse users with means to leverage even more data,” said John Schroeder, chief executive officer and co-founder, MapR Technologies. “As companies move Hadoop into production environments, customers are choosing the MapR Distribution because it brings high performance and reliability to Hadoop – just like Teradata customers have come to expect from their integrated data warehouse and analytic platforms.”

MapR brings dependability, ease-of-use to Hadoop, and NoSQL database applications in one distribution for Hadoop that is recognized by independent research firms as one of the best Hadoop deployments. Teradata products and expertise in big data are compelling to many MapR customers and the expanded partnership allows companies to combine Teradata’s QueryGrid, Teradata Loom, and Teradata Consulting Services with the MapR Distribution including Hadoop. Teradata Consulting Services provides Hadoop architecture, data cleansing, data transformation, and data science skills that are in high demand for big data projects.

“The entire market is starting to realize that data is everywhere and an agile ecosystem is paramount,” said Arvind Bedi, director IT, Cisco Systems, Inc. “The marketplace demands the flexibility to meet specific needs and decisions are being made based on how well the ecosystem players are integrated.”

Teradata’s partnership with MapR further expands Teradata’s commitment to Hadoop, and provides customers best-of-breed Hadoop and NoSQL options such as MapR for production-ready deployments. Developed in response to customer demands for full ecosystem support, the partnership delivers:

•          Single-vendor accountability for support of the full ecosystem. This will accelerate the time-to-production for customers while reducing costs and complexities. As part of this announcement, Teradata Connector for Hadoop is now certified with MapR and Teradata will release additional support for the MapR Distribution including Hadoop as the two companies align their respective product road maps.

•          Go-to-market acceleration and unified support.  Under the agreement, Teradata will resell and support the MapR Distribution including Hadoop. The companies will be promoting the offering through joint sales and marketing initiatives.

•          MapR education and training services from Teradata. Many customers want a blend of big data and Hadoop expertise from Teradata and MapR. Teradata will provide both technical and services expertise to MapR customers. Teradata Consulting Services brings extensive Hadoop and data management skills to MapR customers for the MapR Distribution including Hadoop.

The MapR Distribution supports major and emerging Apache Hadoop projects with an enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses.

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