Telegram Messenger support countries globally to spread verified information during COVID-19 pandemic

In an effort to serve the global citizens during COVID-19 pandemic, Telegram has closely worked with the health ministries and respective governments in various countries. Telegram channels are being considered as one of the most powerful broadcasting tools where unlimited number of audiences can be reached out with high authenticity at a single time.

Coronavirus Info: Since 2015, Telegram has been preferred by several prominent media organisations and public figures to reach their followers, readers and audiences. The social messaging platform has always encourages the freedom of speech especially in the countries where there are limitations to express. In order to spread the right information and curb fake news circulation, Telegram has dedicatedly enabled special Channels which shows up as the top results for all coronavirus related keywords.  Currently, Telegram has supported and helped to create the official verified channels in the respective countries which are enclosed below.

Country Official Telegram Channel for COVID-19
India MyGov Corona Newsdesk
Israel Corona – Ministry of Health
Kazakhstan CORONAVIRUS2020.KZ
Malaysia CPRC Ministry of Health Malaysia
Saudi Arabia Live healthy
Spain Ministry of Health
Ukraine Coronavirus info
Uzbekistan Coronavirus Info | Stay at home!

Verification tools and Notifications to the users

it’s highly important to distinguish authenticated trustworthy sources from the pro-actively generated fake Channels on Telegram. In order to streamline the same, the social messaging app has dedicatedly launched a verification process with the help of @verifybot. The Channels need to simply follow few basic guidelines to get a verification badge for their official Channel, Group or BOT. Moreover, Telegram has pushed individual notifications to all the users and invited them to join the government collaborated official verified Channels to get all the real-time updates and information on covid-19.

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