Tech predictions 2018 By Mr. Ritesh Gandotra, Director, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox India

Ritesh-GandotraIn almost every industry, technology will be disrupted in the ways one has never seen before- it will irrevocably change the world of work in future. Technologies such as blockchain, IOT, artificial intelligence, cloud etc will transpire to be the game changers for the year 2018. These disparate technologies will integrate in the year ahead to create extremely practical business solutions.

2017 undoubtedly was a banner year for AI and IOT; there was a massive boost in the number of connected devices which is likely to grow even more in the upcoming year. Also, various facets of AI such as Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation are expected to evolve in 2018. AI will help organizations to achieve higher customer satisfaction levels – with chatbots likely to emerge as the key differentiating factor for enterprises to keep that crucial connect with their customers & remain engaged. With the innovations of today providing just a small glimpse into future advancements, the robotics industry will rise in 2018 – especially with increased adoption in military and healthcare space.

With all the above technologies taking centre-stage, Blockchain-enabled solutions have the potential to bridge the gaps of device data interoperability while ensuring security, privacy and reliability. This is majorly due to Blockchain’s ability to re-engineer transparency, trust and security in the wake of recent cyberattacks, an increased adoption of the technology has been noted in the Indian BFSI and many other sectors.

Adding to this, the rise of 3D printing is likely to lead to re-invention of many old products, as well as the  introduction of extraordinary new innovations. I believe 3D printing, is on track to move beyond a mere emerging technology into a truly transformative one.

Over the next twelve months, it is extremely important for an organisation to challenge traditional thinking and look in unexpected places for hidden opportunities to streamline and add momentum to their business. We are so much beyond the hype but there are still a large number of things that have to be realized.

Xerox is moving ahead with the true spirit, commitment and passion and is re-energized for the new way forward. We are focussing on using IOT to digitize imperative assets and processes which will not only help growing our business but also increase operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to customers. We are currently investing in new business solutions and applications that help improve productivity and simplify the work process for a number of sectors, focusing mainly on the banking, health, hospitality, telecommunications, and government sectors. Xerox will continue to create meaningful innovations and provide business process services, printing equipment, software and solutions that make a real difference for our clientele in 180 countries. News Service

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