Targus rolls out its High Impact Backpacks and Slipcases

Targus-High-Impact-Backpacks-and-SlipcasesNew Delhi, India, August 5, 2015: Targus has unveiled their Grid Collection. A range of High Impact Backpacks and Slipcases are the latest innovation in extreme protection and pass the most trusted US military standard MIL-STD-810G protecting the devices from 4ft / 1.2m drops. (Tests performed by an external independent lab).

City-centric but fit to resist harsher environment, the Grid Collection offers the ultimate protection against shocks, abrasion, vibration, moisture and dust. It features an elaborated protective system made of 4 layers: thick rubber bumpers, PU/PVC leather, memory form and nyflex lining. The Grid Collection is designed to protect and secure your laptop and contents inside while commuting through dense city crowds and challenging weather conditions.

High-performance and lightweight material, including the water-resistant outer polyurethane, provide resiliency and durability.Securely stored in the dedicated laptop compartment, an up to 15.6″ laptop, MacBook or Ultrabook will remain functional in demanding circumstances. The Grid Collection is the ultimate in laptop protection to help busy travelers move around, comfortably and confidently. 

The Grid High Impact Backpacks

The Grid High Impact Backpacks feature a SafePORT 3D protection system where the case is built with durable recovery memory foam around the laptop vault to provide 360° protection in case of impact. The suspended laptop vault is a dedicated snug fitted design with Velcro closure for maximum laptop protection and shock absorption.

All backpacks are designed with advanced workstation, multiple inner compartments of various size and various types of closure; with front and side pockets for flexible and maximum storage. The interior is lined with blue patterned lining where you can easily find content within. The hidden travel pocket at the back panel keeps your most valuable passport or wallet secured at all times.

Purpose-built to ease travel and commute, the Advanced (TSB849AP), and Premium (TSB850AP), backpacks are even reinforced with rubber bumper on the corners for protection against commute- and travel-related accidents. The ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps and back panel with breathable vents allow maximum comfort.

The 16″ Grid High Impact Backpacks are available in three models – Essential (TSB848AP), Advanced (TSB849AP), and Premium (TSB850AP), which are priced at MRP 5900, 6900, and 7900 respectively. 

The Grid High Impact Slipcase

The Grid High Impact Slipcase and Vertical Slipcase are refined and stylish silhouettes, offering a contemporary yet professional carrying solution. The anti-slip and detachable shoulder strap provides a secure and stable over-the-shoulder carrying option, and allows for adjustment to a comfortable and personalized fit. The shoulder strap can easily be detached from the case when it’s preferable to carry the slipcase by hand, or placed in another bag.

The Grid High Impact Slipcases also feature hooded design with magnetic closures. The zippered front pocket offer storage for quick-grab items, while the larger back pocket can comfortably accommodate a tablet and some printed material. The Vertical Slipcase also features a cardholder on the back panel.

The Grid High Impact Slipcase is available in 14″ (TSS846AP) and 15.6″ (TSS845AP), at MRP 3999  and 4299 respectively. The Grid High Impact Vertical Slipcase is available in 12″ (TSS847AP) at MRP 3450.

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