SoundBot launches its Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker SB571PRO

SoundBot launched its Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker  SB571PRO with QUADIO technology. This product is a unique combination of 2 speakers, which are enabled with master/slave simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity. This master/slave arrangement allows both speakers to pair up with each other and also your Bluetooth smart device to give you a wireless surround sound. Both speakers come with a 10W output power thus giving an enriched full spectrum surround sound. SB571PRO speakers are compatible with all types of devices.

This unique combo comes with a water-resistant and shock resistant case so that you can carry it the way you want. The dual 5W+5w high performing dynamic loudspeaker reproduces potent bass. It is built with a ‘smart intuitive configuration technology, which is user-friendly and you can easily pair up more than one speaker within 3 seconds. This is a speaker set which is befitting for music connoisseurs and can be used by everybody in a group.


Mr. Rajesh Bansal, Director, SoundBot India, said, “The SB571PRO QUADIO satellite speaker is a dynamic and unique product. Its sound quality is top of the line and with the master/slave facility, it can pair with four speakers. The water resistant and shock resistant casing is a signature feature in our product and it for maximum utility and portability. Our speakers are priced at Rs.6990/-. The sound quality is immaculate and apt for any indoor or outdoor party. Its unique design is stylish and is built for all types of devices and users.”

It has a range of 33 feet remote distance playing capability, with up to 10 hours of playtime, large 50mm loud drivers for the dynamic listening experience. The speaker comes in a unique black color and is priced at Rupees 6990/-, it is available on all online stores.

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