Sony launches 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre Systems HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF

Sony has launched its 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre Systems HT-S700RF & HT-S500RF. The products will be available in all Sony Center, major electronic stores across India and on e-portals, Amazon and Flipkart. With the changing consumer lifestyle, Home Theatre market in India has witnessed considerable evolution creating significant demand in the recent years. The two Home Theatre systems come with exclusive India sound setting offering powerful bass sound with clear vocal sound, it’s designed for Indian consumers. Driven by novelty, they embody a slim and stylish design to help upgrade your living room set-up. Sony India aims to grow by more than 80% in FY18 for its popular 5.1 channel Soundbar Home Theatre.


The new 5.1 channel surround systems provide powerful audio experience by delivering a phenomenal 1000W output power with high volume boxes using tweeters and rhombus-shaped high aperture ratio grill. Special tweeters are present in both HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF to reproduce high frequency sounds, and give perfect audio experience to the listeners. HT-S700RF has two front and two rear tweeters, whereas HT-S500RF comes loaded with two front tweeters. These tweeters also help in improving overall sound staging of the system, so that you can appreciate every single sound in the audio. Thanks to big size subwoofers (18cm in HT-S500RF and 20cm in HT-S700RF), you are assured powerful and clear bass sound from our Soundbar systems. The 1000W output power helps realizing enough sound pressure to have an immerse movie experience.

Consumers can now experience hi-power surround sound without disturbing the TV screen set-up, an element available in both tall boy and Soundbar Home Theatre system. It incorporates dedicated center speaker that enhances clear dialogue. The HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF are designed with premium and high-quality components, offering a stylish design that helps upgrade ones living space. The rhombus pattern metal grill on all front and rear speakers makes it look premium and enhance the overall aesthetics of your living room.

The Bar Style Home Theatre systems complement the look of today’s thin flat screens, while projecting a deep, rich, enveloping sound. The thin frame blends in seamlessly with the rest of your Home Cinema setup. The slim design of the systems will not obscure the view, and one can always see the full picture without disruption. HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF have HDMI which makes setting up the systems super easy and clean.

One can also stream all their favorite music wirelessly from their smartphone with the help of Bluetooth wireless technology. HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF can turn into a complete music system with USB playback.

For better experience, customers can browse music from faraway place easily through the Music Center App without even looking at the monitor. One can easily browse all the music content present in their USB pen drives from any corner of the room, thanks to effortless connectivity of Smartphones using Music Center App in HT-S700RF and HT-S500RF.

The products will be available in all Sony Center, major electronic stores across India and on e-portals, Amazon and Flipkart.

Product Availability Best Buy
HT-S700RF 10th August, 2018 onwards Rs. 37,990
HT-S500RF 10th August, 2018 onwards Rs. 29,990

Specifications Sheet 

Element HT-S700RF HT-S500RF
Total Output 1000W
Surround Sound 5.1ch
Subwoofer Size 20cm 18cm
Rear Speakers Tall Boy Speakers Book Shelf Speakers
Connectivity Bluetooth (v4.2), USB x1, HDMI x1 (ARC), Optical-in x1, Analogue Audio Input x1
Grille Design Metal Punching Grille
Amplifier S-Master Amplifier
Sony Application Capability Music Center Mobile Application
Bar Speaker Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 900x64x90
Surround Speaker (WxHxD) mm / unit 78x1200x78 91x216x91
Subwoofer (WxHxD) mm / unit 231x438x378 207x402x330
Bar speaker Weight 3.0kg
Surround Speaker Weight / unit 3.6kg 1.0kg
Subwoofer Weight 10.2kg 9.0kg
Gross weight 24kg 17kg
Supplied Accessories HDMI Cable – 1 U, Instruction Manual -1 U, Remote Control – 1 U, AAA Batteries – 2 U

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