Social media analysis report of the Great Online Shopping Festival 2014 (GOSF 2014) from Blueocean Market Intelligence

Quote from Mr. Ashwin Mittal, President of Blueocean Market Intelligence 

Blueocean-Market-IntelligenceThe social media buzz around the Great Online Shopping Festival 2014 started days before the actual festival opened. Since the day it opened, GOSF 2014 clocked more than 132,000 posts across Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The hashtag #72HoursOfCrazy topped the chart with more than 39,000 mentions, followed by 10 other hashtags. Real Estate Brands also had a sizeable participation with Tata Homes & HDFC Realty being in the top 5 most associated brands in GOSF.

Most of the people on social media platforms mentioned Google India and SnapDeal several times. Most of the conversations were dominated by males by 69% and with a relatively younger audience of 25 – 34 age group. Metros had the most interested target group, with Mumbai & New Delhi having more than 50% participation on GOSF 2014. The reverberations across multiple social media platforms created lot of positive noise giving a thrust to all e-Commerce partners.

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